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Bugatti: Who Is Radim Passer, Age, Instagram, Wife Barbora Passerová and Net Worth


Bugatti: Who Is Radim Passer, Age, Instagram, Wife Barbora Passerová and Net Worth: Radim Passer, a German billionaire businessman, is not included on Wikipedia, but his biography may be found here. He allegedly drove a Bugatti Bugatti Chiron at 417 km/h on the Autobahn, drawing widespread condemnation. Radim Passer is a well-known business magnate from Germany. In 1991, he entered the venture capital business and founded Passerinvest Group, which has since become one of the most well-known development organizations on the Czech market. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Radim Passer

Who Is Radim Passer?

Radium has been predominantly associated with BB Centrum in Prague 4 since 1998. Furthermore, Radim is a sensational internet personality as well. He first came into the limelight after sharing a Bugatti driving video on the YouTube channel at 417kph speed along a public highway on January 9, 2022. With his reckless behavior, Radim not only risked his life but other’s life too. The German transportation ministry gave a warning symbol after the video went viral on YouTube.

Radim Passer: Age, Instagram

Radim Passer lacks a Wikipedia page at this time, but his bio is easily accessible on public sources like Newsunzip. Radim, on the other hand, has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. He also has a YouTube account with 13.7 thousand subscribers. Radim is currently 58 years old, according to his birth date. On September 29, 1963, in Jihlava, Czechoslovakia, he was born to happy parents.

Radim Passer Net Worth 

His net worth is not in the millions. He is a multibillionaire. He comes under 33 richest person in the world. In fact, Radim Passer is listed in Forbes. According to an estimate, his net worth is about 6.6 billion Czech crowns ( Rs 2,292 crore according to the Indian system). Speculating on Radim’s annual earnings is a piece of cake. His commercial operation is one of Middle Europe’s most successful and comprehensive urban developments.

Radim Passer Wife Barbora Passerová

Radim and his ex-wife Jana Passerova had been married since 1993 and were still married in 2008. They divorced later in 2008, according to sources. The cause for their split is yet unknown. Radim married his long-term lover became wife Barbora Passerova in 2012 after they exchanged vows. Talking about his children Radim is blessed with five children. He’s the forever best dad in the world as he takes good care of his children and family. Not only is he’s best in the children but he is also a good husband. The name of his kids are Matteo, Samuel, Timothea, Benjamin, and Radim Passer Jr. Now, they all are grown-up kids and they are living a happy life.

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