With great sadness, we have hereby informed the great loss of the one prominent figure in the world of entertainment and literature of Bengali culture. Renowned Bengali Poet and Filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta are no more between us. His death is such a big loss for the entertainment industry of Bengal culture. After hearing his death news many people are paying tribute to this great soul on social media. Even the Cheif Minister Mamata Banerjee also paid her tribute to Dasgupta and send her condolence message through her social media account. Buddhadeb Dasgupta demised on Thursday morning, 10th June 2021 at the age of 77.

Buddhadeb Dasgupta

Buddhadeb Dasgupta Death Reason

Dasgupta was suffering from a kidney illness. Dasgupta was also a well-known poet who won many National Awards for his contribution to the world of Bengali cinema. West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee made a tweet on her Twitter account in order to pay her tribute to Buddhadeb Dasgupta. She wrote that “In a deep sorrow of passing away of popular filmmaker and poet Buddhadeb Dasgupta. By his great works, he pervades lyricism into the language of cinema. His demised registered as a big loss for the film profession. Deep condolences to his colleagues, admirers, and family.

Bengali Filmmaker Raj Chakrabarty also paid tribute and share their views on his social media account as he wrote, “Beneficiary of several International and National honors, renowned poet and legendary filmmaker, #BuddhadebDasgupta has demised away. Sincere sympathy to his family and loved ones.”

Buddhadeb Dasgupta was popularly known for directing critically praised movies like Bagh Bahadur, Charachar, Uttara, and Tahader Katha. All these movies he directed as well as wrote won the National Awards for the best films in five movies and these five films include Kaalpurush, Upakhyan, Lal Darja, Mondo Meyer, and Bagh Bahadur. He was also won the National Award in the category of Best Screenplay. He also wrote many poems like Govir Araley, Chhaata Kahini, Coffin Kimba Suitcase, and many others.


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