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Bubonic Plague In Colorado: Child Dies Of Plague In Colorado, Diseased Animals In Multiple Countries


There is a critical health situation in Colorado which has happened on Thursday which has urged the residents to stay cautious about the local wildfire as there has been a report that has been confirmed by the authorities that there is a plague that is being found in the animals who have fled to six other countries, and this has happened as there has been a 10 year old boy who has recently died because of the complications that he faced from the disease which has been stated by the Public health Department of Colorado, the last death that happened because of plague related issue was in 2015 and this has been reported by the Denver reports.

Bubonic Plague In Colorado

Bubonic Plague In Colorado

It has been stated by Dr. Jennifer House that we are so sad about the loss of the young kid as he further stated that their condolences are with the family of the kid who is working in the Health Department as he stated about the death of the child in the starting of the month of July.

Steps Are Being Taken

There is an ongoing investigation that is being gone on about the situation and it seems like that they have declared that the disease is pretty rare and the authorities have urged the citizens to approach the medical assistance care if they feel like that they are suffering through some symptoms.

What Is Plague?

It is a disease that can be found in a variety of animals which can include flies, humans and rodents, the origins of the disease come from Yersinia Petis bacteria and this bacteria is pretty common which can be found in every part of the world. Plague has 3 forms which include-


And it has been stated by the authorities that it is not going to be that big of a concern if necessary precautions are going to be taken citizens, there have been only 2 cases that have been reported in Colorado in the last 5 years which has been stated in the health data of the public.

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