BTS is very known among the south Korean people and also has a presence in the world has been popular worldwide as a South Korean band, with its eye-catching performances and not only this is the reason for them to remain in the news as they are also known for topics of other interests like relationship, controversy, play concerts and also for the fun video that they spend time while having a chill together, to know this full matter continue reading below. Follow More Update On


as this recent news is related to one of the BTS  army of fans has posted a video on the internet and shared the video content with every on  his social media channel, in the video posted  one of the BTS Jung Kook is making a fun video on the Indian Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan  as this is an edited clip BTS BAND, as the BTS has a huge fan following worldwide, and such videos and posted other posts are common And this is no surprise saying that the fans keep them in the headlines as the  video recently is going viral on the internet and social media of one of a BTS band member who is imitating Shah Rukh Khan’s Bollywood  movie “mahobbatee” dialogue and BTS fans become very creative when it comes to video editing as this video is on the internet over various platforms like youtube and Twitter and full of fans comments,

As fans find it really interesting watching the south Korean fans sharing initiation edited videos on social media and this also brings both countries close as these fun-loving people and fans army timely do on social media. the fans are doing such things previously a fan make a video of the South Korean band member was seen reacting to the shah rukh khans song, “India whale” from the movie “happy new year”.

As such video creation is really an effort from a friend and fan-following of both countries love the videos for their interest of reason and these videos are often made by them, as such news coming proves that the fans really love Indian cinema and also the Bollywood stars we do so, and the Indian movies industry is famous around the globe. It also has a foreign fan following from across the globe and such videos are expected by fans to come in near future, the comments section is filled with compliments and love emojis, and people wrote in comments like, love u Shahrukh khan, I love India, I love being an Indian and I love BTS and I love being Korean and Love India and Bollywood so much,


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