Home Entertainment BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real? Explained

BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real? Explained


BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real? Explained: The artist JungKook is being talked about on the internet, months after he went through his eyebrow piercing, there is a clip which has went viral all over the internet which is featuring the K-pop group performing Butter which seemed like BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing, The Fact Music Awards, it is scheduled to air on Saturday on 2nd October, it seems like the youngest member had a new lip ring.

BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real? Explained

BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing

This has not been confirmed as of yet, the still from the video is still unclear, the fan base seems to be going gaga over the piercing of the artist and this has become one of the trending topics on Twitter. The fans are reacting, there are a bunch of reactions that have been posted by the fans of the artist about his new look.

There is also a development for the band as BTS has recently collaborated with the band Coldplay for the news single is “My Universe”, they recently went on to release a video in which they can be seen dancing with a bunch of aliens in a dystopian world. The song also shows the importance of staying connected.

BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real?

The video is going to end up seeing the two groups performing in different locations stating that no matter what comes between them, music is always going to make them stay connected with each other. It seems like anything and everything which is being done by the band gets in highlight and people start talking about it.

This isn’t the first time that the fans are tripping over the new look of the BTS artist, people all over the globe are crazy about the band, especially teenagers who are in love with the band and it seems like they have achieved so much in recent years as a band, it is hard to even contemplate.

BTS Jungkook Lip Piercing Fake or Real? Explained

The band has become one of the biggest of their era, they came like a wind some years back and they conquered the hearts of everyone and now they are going to do it again as their new single is with Coldplay which has one of the biggest followings when it comes to bands.


This year is going to be more exciting for the group as they will get to perform for a live crowd which is going to make it more satisfying for the band to perform on stage for the people who have appreciated them so much over the years that they have become such a huge band.

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