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Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Drama and Who is Saiviantha? Samantha denies Bryce Hall rumours!


There is news that is getting viral on social media sites. For that millions of people are searching on google. it is all about Addison Rae, who was involved with the adult film actress, whose name is Bryce. They both went viral and got so much good response from netizens. There is a video on Twitter, after which, we all are shocked because, in the videos, we can see Addison crying surface online. If you want to know the complete story then do read the article, which contains almost all the info. So let’s start and find the matter.


Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Fight Drama

It has been a week that the rumors are coming about Bryce Hall and Addison Rae’s relationships. According to the sources, Bryce Hall has cheated on his girlfriend Addison. Recently, some chat screenshots have gone viral in which, this is mentioned that Bryce hooked up with an adult star whose name is Loren Gray. According to the texts, when Bryce has gone on a trip to Las Vegas, he had hooked up with Loren Gray. But Bryce has denied all the rumors.

Who is Saiviantha

He took Twitter to reveal this, he said that he hasn’t cheated on Addison. He adds that he will surely complain against that person whose hand behind all this. Recently, the two videos have flooded on social media related to Bryce and Addison. In one video, the media is asking Addison about her relationship and cheating rumors. But Addison hasn’t commented on spread rumors.

In the video, she was wearing a face mask on her face along with sunglasses. She didn’t interact with the media and moves towards her car. After seeing her, it seems that she was crying and keeps cover her face with her hands. In the second video, Byce is being asked by the media people about Addison’s crying. But Bryce hit back on media saying they are following her. Addison Rae has not passed any statement regarding this matter. Stay on the same page to get all the information related to this matter.

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