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Who is Bryan Riley? Polk County Shooting Suspect: 5 Facts You Need to Know


Bryan Riley is a man from Florida and he is also a former Marine sharpshooter who is accused of fatally shooting 4 people including a baby and committing a mass murder which he did at the Polk County home before he surrendered to the Police. There was an 11-year girl who was shot multiple times.

Bryan Riley

Who is Bryan Riley?

It is being stated it is expected she is going to survive, it is believed by the authorities Riley didn’t even know the victims, he got wounded during the shootout with the deputies and he was then treated at the hospital before he got booked for jail. Police have responded to the home at 4:30 am on Sunday dating to 5th September.

It has been stated by the Polk County authorities at a press conference, there have been no injuries to any of the police officers or any of the deputies in the two shootouts which occurred between the responding law enforcement and Riley. It has been stated by Sheriff Grady Judd, Riley was wearing body armor and he was also fully equipped with other protective equipment.

Polk County Shooting Suspect

He was having multiple guns with him and he also stated to the police, he has been using methamphetamine, one of the victims has been identified to be a 40-year-old naming Justice Gleason, the other haven’t been identified as of yet because it is a law to have the consent of the family before releasing the names of the victim and they haven’t received all of the permissions as of yet.

It has been further stated by the police one victim was a 33-year-old woman who got killed as she was holding a 3-month-old infant in her arms, the infant was shot fatally too, a 62-year-old woman was also shot dead who was the mother and grandmother of two of the other victims who have died in the whole incident.

The 4th victim is in the hospital which is the 11-year-old kid, it has been further stated the kid is expected to recover from the injuries and we hope her life gets saved, justice is going to be provided to the family as the interrogation of the culprit has already started off.

It has been further stated by the police, Riley has also killed the dog of the victims so he has in fact taken 5 lives including one of an animal, this is just sad and tragic as to how can someone do such a thing to a family even when you have no kind of connection with them, one day he just showed up and tried to kill them all.

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