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Broadbridge Heath Accident: Road closed following collision on A24


Broadbridge Heath Accident: Road closed following collision on A24: On Sunday, April 17. 2022 a Sussex Police unit was dispatched to the scene where a car raged into a field and collided. According to the reports, this accident took place in Broadbridge Heath. As per the reports, this accident sustained a major loss to both the victim and his vehicle. We came across this news in the late hours of Sunday night. Meanwhile, we were extracting official and authentic reports and details since we have been informed about the incident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Broadbridge Heath Accident

Broadbridge Heath Accident

Now this news is making rounds on the social media news feed as netizens are taking over the internet to make people aware of this tragedy that happened last night. However, we are here to give you each and every precise news regarding the accident. By reading down the column you will be educated on this concern, you are advised to stay on this page for while and take a peek at all of the sections.

As people are scrounging web pages for the information about the accident that happened tragically near Horsham in Broadbridge Heath. However, the Sussex police department responded immediately to a call that was made from the scene by a commutator. Furthermore, other emergency services were called to the spot where the car collided. We have also got the exact coordinates of the scene, reportedly the accident tragically happened on the A24 near Horsham in Broadbridge Heath. Continue reading the article to get further explanation.

As per the sources, the vehicle rolled off the roundabout and eventually raged in a field. Moreover, this was a matter of around 8 PM on Sunday night. And what about the occupant? where he is? and how he is? As per the reports, the occupant had sustained serious injuries while the vehicle suffered heavy damage as it was dragged around 20 ft into the field. Currently, there is no update about the victim. Kindly look at the further section to know more.

Reportedly, the air ambulance was also dispatched to the scene for emergency aid. Now Sussex Police officers are taking people’s help to gather important information regarding the accident. As of now, it is hard to understand the circumstances that were doing rounds just before the accident. If anyone is with any information regarding this accident then he can call Sussex Police on 101, quoting Operation Linford. More will be shared with you as soon as something comes up.

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