Home News Is Brighton Player Bissouma Arrested Again? revealed

Is Brighton Player Bissouma Arrested Again? revealed


Is Brighton Player Bissouma Arrested Again? revealed: The news is coming from Brighton, a player got arrested in the early hours of Wednesday in the morning and it has now been revealed in the English media that the player was Yves Bissouima and the reason behind the Footballer being taken into custody was a suspicion of sexual assault. He has been released on conditional bail until 3rd November after he got detained at The Arch nightclub by the officers from Sussex Police following an alleged incident at around 1:30 local time, on Thursday, the identity of the player who got arrested was shared, the details from a source who was at the night club at the time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brighton Player Bissouma Arrested

Brighton Player Bissouma Arrested

The club was fully packed at the time, it was a popular student night, especially when it comes to freshers in town, this has been told by the sources to the newspaper, people were starstruck as they saw Bissouma in the club, he is the best player of Brighton without a doubt as of now so he has definitely caught some eyes during the time. The people were pretty shocked to see him later as he was being led away in handcuffs outside the club.

Brighton Statement On Bissouma

Brighton has released a statement on the matter, although they did not reveal the identity of their player, Brighton and Hove Albion are aware that one of its players is assisting the police with the investigation of an alleged offense, the matter is subject to a legal process and the club is therefore unable to make further comment at this time.

He has been so impressive in the field, the 25-year-old is currently being linked with Manchester United, Arsenal, and Liverpool, it seems like there are going to be further revelations on the story in the coming days and weeks and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with further details in the case.

Brighton seems to be under pressure and the media is surrounding the club in regards to the player being in custody, we will be back with the updates as soon as something comes under our radar regarding the player or the club.


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