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Bride Sister Start Kissing The Groom Video Viral on Social Media!


The funny video has been going viral on the internet and the social media is laughing off after seeing the video as in the video it is being seen that the bride’s sister is trying to kiss the groom and the funny part is that she went for it like a wild animal as the groom got all panicky and was trying to figure out what has just happened as he kept on smiling nervously.

Bride Sister Start Kissing The Groom

Bride Sister Start Kissing The Groom Video

The short video is about bride and groom being on stage as their family and friends are coming on stage to get photo clicked with them and then bride’s sister comes in the picture as she is sitting just aside the groom and then she went on for the kiss without any heads up and was pretty desperate to kiss the groom but it couldn’t happen it seems like as the groom defended his face so that she is not able to kiss her.

The video is pretty funny and is being circulated on the internet as people are reacting on the video and are calling it to be the most fun marriage and some of the people are also stating that a marriage should be like this only.

It seems like that the drama that an Indian wedding carries is beyond the imagination as there is no Indian marriage without people getting dramatic, getting drunk or a lot of dance and when so may events take place, there is ought to be some moments that are pretty funny and this is one of the incident and it seems like that people are laughing off seeing the video and are calling the groom as one one of the luckiest man on the planet which is an over exaggeration but that is what people have been stating.

But these moments have slowed down because of coronavirus as people are getting married privately having limited people in the wedding and people have been also trying to avoid many of the events that are there in a marriage but it seems like that these funny moments are going to be back as the cases are decreasing everyday and the situation is getting under control slowly and steadily.

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