Who was Brian Koland? Roseville Public Schools Principal Brian Koland Dies By Suicide: A teacher is above God as he filled enlightenment in the lives of students and we often consider them as our idols. We can’t imagine that our idols can do something wrong which is usually not expected but one educator takes a drastic step that puts everyone in deep thought. As per the sources, the principal of a Roseville elementary school has passed away but he did not get demised due to any illness in fact he himself took his life. On Monday evening, the district officially confirmed this drastic news in which they stated that the principal of a Roseville elementary school has passed away by committing suicide. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brian Koland

Who was Brian Koland?

In a given message to families about Brian Koland, the principal of the Edgerton Elementary School which is in Maplewood, Roseville Area Schools Superintendent Jenny Leock stated that ” It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am sharing with you the sad and tragic news about the unexpected demise of a member of our school community, Principal Brian Koland. Our deep thoughts and hearts go out to Principal Koland’s family and to all who loved him and knew him.”

Roseville Public Schools Principal Brian Koland Dies By Suicide

The district stated that the family of Koland gave permission to share that he has passed away by committing suicide and asked that the district pursued addressing the importance and need of mental health support. Koland had been on a leave of absence from the beginning of the school year. He had worked for Roseville Area Schools for closely 30 years. Apart from this, he working at Edgerton, he worked as the principal of Emmet D. Williams Elementary, for the post of special education supervisor, a teacher, and an English language coordinator and coach in the district.

The social media posts of the district shine an illumination on the type of educator Koland was. In the year 2015, he made a deal with his pupils at Emmet D. Williams that if they read 500,000 minutes at the time of the Read-A-Thon he would Kiss a Kangaroo and can spend the night on the roof of the school. The students get fascinated with the challenge of Koland and Koland followed through on the deal.

Leock stated that “Principal Koland was a caring and warm person. His presence and leadership will be highly and deeply missed and his memory will be commemorated by the whole Roseville Area Schools community.” He further said that Suicide is a “tough subject for individuals if all people of all ages to talk about.”


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