Who Is Brian Carlsen, TikTok Star Accused of Sexual Assualt?: These days to the accusation of sexual assault is continuously drawing the attention of the media and forcing us to think about the safety of individuals. As per the latest promo, a new name from the world of TikTok is trending these days after being accused of sexual assault. This time a new name is coming fore who is facing these serious allegations, the name of the alleged person is Brian Carlsen, who is a popular content creator on the popular short video sharing platform is got into trouble after several teenage females blamed him os $exual abuse. After the accusation, he takes down his account, and its in not available at present. In this blog, we will discuss more his professional and personal life and we will disclose the details we have collected so far on the reported accusations. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Brian Carlsen

Who Is Brian Carlsen?

The full name of Brian is Brian Kent Carlsen. He was blessed to Mr. and Mrs. Joni Pratt on 3rd May 1984. Prior to being a Tiktok star, he was a firefighter and have experience serving in some organizations. Brian has served as an intern in Craig Golden and Roy City Fire. Later after matching the demands of becoming a firefighter, he served in Unified Fire. Talking about his popularity on TikTok, Carlsen has more than 149.8k followers on his official TikTok handle. He frequently remains in the news for criticizing women and passing racist comments through his social media accounts.

Brian Carlsen TikTok Star Sexual Assualt

Brian Carlsen Tiktok handle name is Brettstar06. With the help of entertaining videos on the platform, he was managed to garner a lot of followers on his TikTok account. Individuals enjoy viewing his videos. Brian Carlsen became a topic of discussion on social media after some ladies blamed him for $exual assault and abuse. Whilst there is no proper proof of the same but this created problem for the TikTok star. Few sources assert that Carlsen has already taken down his TikTok account.

Blue wrote “@tiktok_us actively safeguarding a domestic abuser and empowering to have an active platform spreading #hatespeech toward females #misgony and #brettstar06 #feminist #briancarlsen”

We can not validate whether he was really criminal or not due to the lack of details. It would be too early to come up with any conclusion without having actual factors or deep knowledge of the case. We are trying to get the real fact and shreds of evidence in this case and we will soon update this section.


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