WATCH: Brett Goldstein Emmy Speech Video Uncensored Version: One of the first Emmys which has been given out tonight in the Emmys was to the star of Ted Lasso naming Brett Goldstein, he is a stand up comic and a writer for the show, the guy has truly captured the hearts of the audiences as the foul mouth Roy Kent, he has received Emmy for being an outstanding supporting actor.

Brett Goldstein Emmy Speech

Brett Goldstein Emmy Speech Video Explained

The only issue is CBS has censored most of the British Comic’s cursing Laden acceptance speech so what has he said which has been censored by the show makers, it seems like the situation is favoring us as there is an uncensored video which is being circulated on the internet, so here is what has happened.

Watch Brett Goldstein Emmy Speech Uncensored Version Video

People who know Roy Kent, know he is known for simmering rage beast when it comes to the soccer field, he is completely in love with Juno Temple’s Keeley Jones and all of the curses, if you are going to be googling Roy Kent, you are going to see a ton of supercuts of his finest choice “fucks”.

Obviously, when he arrived for the Emmy, he was told by the show makers that he needs to be careful about swearing, he stated he was told pretty specifically not to curse and was told, he is not allowed to swear, he further dropped the bomb stating so this speech is going to be fucking short, he stated this at the top of his speech.

The speech was naturally beeped by the CBS. If you are going to watch an uncensored version that has been found by fans on Twitter, you are going to note, the bulk of Goldstein’s speech is going to be sincere and sweet and only a few fucks are given. This is what he stated in the speech-

“Thank you, Warners, thank you Apple, thank you to the team, to his teammates with whom he was nominated with and all of his team, he continued saying, this cast makes him sick, they are so good, he stated he wants to thank his mom, dad, Matt, Zebby, Tara and Bo and Beth and he further stated he wants to thank Bill, Jason, Joe Kelly and Brendan for making the show.

Given the way Roy Kent destroyed every Ted Lasso fan with a single hug, we can be sure about him being back at the Emmys in the next year. it has to be said about the guy, he is entertaining and he is true to himself which is a pretty good quality to have.


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