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What is Break The Floor Allegations? Dancers Travis Wall Accused Of Sexual Misconduct: Explained


What is Break The Floor Allegations? Dancers Travis Wall Grooming & Assault: It has been hours since the Toronto born teen performed before a panel of judges which included the choreographer naming Nick Lazzarini who is a luminary in the dance world and the first-ever winner of the TV show naming “So You Think You Can Dance”, Clarke was competing in the month of July. He was competing at the New York City event which was put on by “Break the Floor” which is a prominent company that tours in Canada, Mexico, and the United States hosting dance schools and they put on a performance which was led by elite dancers and choreographers known from Broadway, television, and film. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Break The Floor Allegations

What is Break The Floor Allegations?

Break The Floor has a decent following of aspiring dancers like Clarke, the company’s events are an almost mandatory stop if they wish to pursue dancing as a career, thousands of people cram into hotel ballrooms all over the continent in order to be discovered by a top choreographer and in order to enter the spotlight. It seems like in one of the hotel rooms in Manhattan, one of the choreographers Clarke idolized was now trying to ask her to have sex with her which she alleges, the allegations have been denied by Lazzarini about subjecting anyone to unwanted sexual advances. There has been an investigation of widespread sexual harassment.

There has been predatory behavior by the BTF coaches over their younger students where dancers have stated their complaints of experiencing inappropriate conduct which has been dismissed by the company’s owner which has led the problem to fester for years. Eight former students and staff allege BTF employees who were famous in the dance world have initiated a sexual conversation, have proposed them to have sex, have sent them nude pictures, have harassed them at work, and have engaged in sexual relationships with them, six of them have agreed upon to go public with their allegations.


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It seems like there is a whole new black hole in the dancing world that has been running wild for a while as it was not being held accountable but now things have changed, victims are coming up with their statements in the public and the coverage of this topic is getting on the internet is going to put the wrongdoers in their place. There are going to be further revelations in the story in the coming days and weeks, we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the latest information as soon as something important regarding the story comes under our radar.

What is Break The Floor Allegations? Dancers Travis Wall Accused Of Sexual Misconduct

An American dancer and choreographer Travis Wall is coming into the headlines after being accused of grooming allegations. Yes, you read it right that an Emmy award winner choreographer has been accused of sexual misconduct due to which he has been removed from Break the Floor dance company’s traveling tour. The news is getting viral on social media rapidly and snatching the attention of many netizens. All his fans are shocked hearing something like this about him. However, some of his fans are not believing in this news. In this article, we are going to give all the details about the matter and also some details about the dancer.

According to the reports of Toronto Star, Travis Wall has allegedly been accused of sexual harassment of young dancers. In other words, we can say that he has been accused of grooming allegations. The news has been going viral on social media rapidly. However, we didn’t get any official confirmation on this news. All his fans are praying that it can’t be true. After hearing this, some are also criticizing him on the Internet. We are waiting for confirmation from the officials if the news is really true. We will soon update our readers with further news.

Talking about Travis Wall, so he is an American dancer, instructor, and choreographer. He is an expert in Jazz and contemporary dance styles. He was born on 16 September 1987 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. His mother is the owner and operator of the eponymous Denise Wall’s cancer Energy. At the age of 3, he started dancing and got training at his mother’s studio. He also competed in several dancing events. He gained international popularity in 2006 as a contestant on the 2nd season of So You Think You Can Dance on FOX.

In 2012, he served as a choreographer for the show and earned Emmy nominations continuously for 9 years. He also won Emmy awards two times. He appeared in the reality show All The Right Moves where he was seen with Teddy Forance, Kyle Robinson, and Nick Lazzarini launched a company named Shaping Sound. In March 2016, he got engaged to Dom Palange who is a UCLA gymnastics coach. The two engaged after 5 years of dating. On 03 August 2018, he announced his separation from his fiancee. He announced this news on his official Instagram page. Right now, he has become the topic of discussion everywhere as the news is coming that he is involved in sexual harassment with young dancers. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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