Brazil Model 9 Wives Faces Divorce from One of Them: A Brazillian Model who had been toed up a knot to the new different women is now in the lines after he decided to be signed a divorce from one of them. And this news about him is making rounds on the web where many of his fans are getting keen to grab more details on the same. So let’s not delay anymore, and get into the article below. Follow More Update On

Brazil Model 9 Wives

Brazil Model 9 Wives Divorce

As the model does surprise and shocked by the decision of the woman. He also toed up a not with to Luana Kazaki when he had released the headlines last years after tieing knots with eight other women n a bd for the celebrating free love” and also for “protesting against monogamy”.

Of his nine wives, one of his wives Agatha wants a divorce as she “misses monogamy” Ursi told the news agency. She has been also given the stammer that, “she wanted to have me all to herself, and those things not at all make any of the sense and we have to be share things. Her words and the way she acted to me are so saddened and this separation is so saddening for me.”

Urso also gave a statement in which he said that “Agatha’s nature is nor right and she has attitude prole too, she tied a knot to me just for fun and she doesn’t have any true feeling with this marriage..”

My other wives also say this to me about her.

Brazilian Model Instagram:-

He has 50 thousand followers on Instagram with posts about his unconventional relationship. He also added in his statement, “I know I lost her but I will not be going to replace her at this moment.”

He has a dream to have 100 wives in his life and he also hopes to be full fill it as soon as ty is possible but now one o his wife is divorcing him.  He also says that he has the same amount of respect and love in him for his all wives. A model also said that she has the same amount of love for each other.

This is the very first time that he is in this much shock as one of his wives is going to him and she is all set to file a divorce with him, so last month a Congolese man is married triplets on the same day.


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