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Brahmarakshas Season 2 Today’s Episode 28th March 2021 Written Update: Kalindi Finds A Box Inside The Temple


The supernatural thriller series of Brahmrakshas Season 2 is back with another thrilling episode of 28th March 2021, to amuse its audience. The theme of the show is very much different from the other daily soaps as the show is based on one demon named Brahmrakshas who wants to get married to Kalindi. The first season of the show is highly appreciated by the viewers and after watching the success of the first season the makers made the second season which is too loved by the audience.

Brahmarakshas 2

The story of this show is very much different from the other love stories, and the show is getting positive reviews from the side of the audience so let’s begin with the story of today’s episode. The upcoming episode promises a lot of twists and turns in the story. The episode begins with Angad who is stopping Kalindi as she is trying to escaping. Angad says he did not cross his limits and he respects her all conditions. Whereas Chandni says all these faults belong to this Nurse, she did not take care of the things properly.

She did not take care of Minti but Minti says there is no mistake in this nurse she just only shared her endeavour with her and she is such a nice person. Later on, Angad and Kalindi and Minti move to Maha Kali temple. In the temple, Kalindi finds a box and she hides the box from everyone and starts doing the prayer of Maha Kali and after the completion of the prayer, she goes to the house of Inspector Yug once again.

When she enters the house of Inspector Yug she watches the fight between Yug and Iravat and when both spot Kalindi in front of them they both misguide her and says they are just doing it to practice their act. Then Kalindi says ok fine and then she goes to get fresh and on the next day, Kalindi thinks she must need to go to the house of Minti for taking her care even on the occasion of Holi.

When she is preparing for leaving the house, immediately Yug came there and says where are you going today is Holi so no need to go anywhere, and just take today’s leave. But Kalindi says I have to go Yug, Minti is waiting for me there and then Yug says Ok fine you can go but first let me spread the Holi colors on you. When Yug puts the color on Kalindi face his hands feel the current because Kalindi has Maha Kali Tilak on her forehead.

As Kalindi has the Tilak of Maha Kali on her forehead and that’s why Yug can not able to touch her. It is interesting to watch that when Kalindi will get to know the truth of Yug but for that, the viewers need to watch the full episode of Brahmarakshas 2 on the Zee TV channel at 9:00 PM and keep reading the upcoming details of your favorite show on our website.

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