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Brahmarakshas 2 Today’s Episode 17th April 2021 Written Update: Kalindi Decides To Marry Yug


The episode begins with Gori enters the room crying and she keeps on crying and tell that I was blamed by others that I have killed Kalindi. Meanwhile, Yug gets worried and use to make him calm bur Gori use to ask her something really important and she askes him whether he will get married to her or not Yug replies oaky I will get married to you”. While his Bua tells him that she is going to the wedding preparations and everyone is happy.

Brahmarakshas 2

Gori later gets a map that will gonna help her to reach the right place for which she is finding for too long. On the other side, Yug reaches the hospital and he is about t kill a girl but her friend reaches there. Gori is searching for things according to the map. Gori finds evidence in which she found a story which is relating to her life. She gets to know that strange file us together then her real sister and she used to share this with Yug.

Yug uses t fil Gori’s ear against her and makes her convinced not to go to the girl as she isn’t your sister. On the other side, Prithvi shows strong evidence against Yig to his wife and he reaches to meet Yug at his office. While Prithivis fight is having an argument with that girl. Let’s get back to the Gori, she is tensed and wondering about her twin and she wished to meet her, thus she leaves from there.

On the other side, Angad calls his friend and ask her to help him she agrees to him and follows his instruction to help him. Meanwhile, we all see Kalindi and Gori faced each other and both of them remember something strange and they get stunned seeing each other. Both use to know the truth that they are twins and talks about Angad. They use to get indulges in an emotional conversation and hugged each other.

Later Angad reaches Yug and both involved in a heated argument. Yug kills Angad and later he gets back the life which makes him wonder how can he alive as Bhramsjaks killed him. Later Bhramraksh attacks the twins whereas the other one uses to help her sister to save the life of her sister. Later Angad along with Kalindi’s sister reaches the spot where Yug is forcefully getting married.

The episode ends here and in the next episode, we will see how Angad will save Kalindi from Yug. For the full episode, you have to set on Zee Tv and for the written episode update of “Brahmarakshas” stay tuned to us.

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