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Brahmarakshas 2 Today’s 13th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad Is In Danger!


The Indian supernatural show “Bharamrakshas 2” is ready to give a thrill experience to its audience with its new episode. The episode will feature a scene in which Angad will be going to give his credit card to Chandni and he says that his card is containing enough money through which she can leave this place and moved somewhere else. He also tells her that just carry her passport with herself and just go very far away from Yug. After listening to this Chandni became very emotional and leaves from there.

Brahmarakshas 2

After watching this Sona asks her Jiju what are you doing? You know very well if you leave Chandni in this way, Yug will not going to leave her so easily and he is very dangerous. She also slams on Angad and says if you want to see her in danger with Yug then why you saved her life from Yug. Later on, Angad recollects the words of Sona and realizes his mistakes and try to stop Chandni from stepping out of the house. Thereafter Angad thinks that why he should not give a lot of money to Yug so he can leave Chandni freely and stop chasing her. Angad arranged a full bag of money and reaches the address of Yug.

When Angad reaches the address of Yug he finds that there is no such person named Yug is life there. The person who is found on the Yug address will say to him, you came to the wrong address. Then Angad will generate some thoughts in her mind and realize some facts about Yug, he feels that something is wrong with Yug and he starts an investigation about Yug and starts collecting information about him. On the other hand, Kalindi is also searching for files and documents in Yug’s home, Angad asks some questions Chandni related to Yug.

Chandni informs her about Yug that he is a very strict police officer and he got 13 times transfers and then Angad decided to find the truth of Yug in the deep, as he wants to know that kind of person he is Because he gave his wrong address and if he is honest police officer then why he mentioned his wrong address instead of the right address. Angad will also find the right address of Yug where Iravat will be going to attack Angad. She drags Angad into the jungle and Iravat will take the iron weapon to kill Angad but suddenly she stops as someone from her back is going to come to save Angad.

Now it is interesting to watch the meeting of Angad and Kalindi after so long and who is the person who came to save Angad from Iravati and how Iravati will be going to stop the meeting of Angad and Kalindi. How Angad will find the truth of Yug as they all feel that Yug is an abnormal person. So just do not forget to watch the full episode of “Bharamrakshas 2” on the Zee TV channel at 10 PM.

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