Home Entertainment Brahmarakshas 2 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad-Kalindi’s Romance On Holi!

Brahmarakshas 2 27th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Angad-Kalindi’s Romance On Holi!


We are back with the written update of the Zee TV serial named “Brahmrakshas 2”. The episode begins with Kalindi as she comes to Angad’s home with a veil. Angad notices Kalindi. Chandni taunts Yug saying that he is noticing another girl on their engagement. Yug comes to an engagement function with a girl and introduced her as his girlfriend. Shona denies a drink. That girl who comes with Yug got drunk and starts strange behave. Chandni gets suspicious of that girl and thinks that Yug is telling a lie about this girl. Yug gets angry and takes that girl outside and tries to kill her.

Brahmarakshas 2

Brahmarakshas 2 27th March 2021

Yug tries to kill her by transforming himself Brahmarakshas. Minti feels dizzy and went to the washroom. Yug and that girl leave the washroom. After that, Kalindi enters a room and gets shocked to see her paintings in that room. Kalindi tries to touch one of them but the alarm starts ringing and Kalindi goes away in hurry. Everyone rushes to see the thief but Kalini runs away from there in speed. Angad’s brother notices her. While running Kalindi reaches the road. In the forest, Yug attacks his fake girlfriend and killed her.

Yug asks Angad will he drop Kalindi at the home. Angad asks Yug about that girl but Yug diverts him saying why he is asking about her. Kalindi asks Yug to leave her to the house. Kalindi says she feels something strange with him. Yug says to Kalindi that Angad is getting him wrong after seeing him with that girl. Yug says to her that she should take a rest for some time. Chandni starts preparation for Holi and says she will celebrate Holi with Angad’s mom. On the other hand, Angad is trying to find out about that nurse. Kalindi tells Priyanka about her nervousness when she went to Angad’s house.

Chandni doubts Kalindi and her definitely up to something. She decides that she will ask her to leave the house. On the other side, Shalini and Prithvi get angry at Chandni because she is the reason for Kalindi’s entry into the house. Suddenly Shalini acts very kindly with Chandni. Chandni asks her the reason for her polite behavior. She replies to her that how can she behave rudely with her as she is going to be the wife of Angad. Chandini prepares a milkshake for Minti in which Shalini mixes papaya powder so that she can hurt Minti’s child. Watch the full episode of “Brahmarakshas 2” on Zee Tv at 9 PM. Stay tuned with us.

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