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Who is Bradley Hill? Bradley Hill Arrested For Kicked Woman Down At Brooklyn Subway Station Escalator


Bradley Hill Arrested For Kicked Woman Down At Brooklyn Subway Station Escalator: On 09 September 2021, a man was captured on the camera kicking a woman in the chest due to which she fell down the escalator of the Atlantic Avenue Barclays Center Station in Brooklyn, New York. The video was shared by NYPD News on  Twitter. It was viewed by many and everyone is wondering why he kicked off her. The video has been sharing on many platforms and getting the attention of the netizens. However, the man who was caught on camera has been arrested now by the cops. In this article, we are going to explain the whole matter that happened in New York.

Bradley Hill Arrested

Bradley Hill Arrested

As per the sources, the cops have arrested the man who assaulted the woman on the escalator. The man whose name is Bradley K Hill was arrested on 17 September 2021. He is 32 years old. He has been charged with assault. The video in which the whole incident was recorded shows that the man who was earlier walking behind her comes before her and then kicks off in her chest and she fell down the escalator. The man who attacked her went away from there immediately. The lady has been found injured after falling down but she refused to be treated at the spot.

At the time of his arrest, he can be seen wearing a dark suit and an open-necked shirt with a Nike face mask. In an interview with ABC 7, the victim said that the incident happened when she asked that man to say excuse me as he came before her on the escalator by pushing her. Then he turned and replied to her that he did and kick her in the chest. She stated, “He just kicked me out of nowhere. And I just came tumbling down the escalator, past everyone, all the way to the bottom floor.”

After the incident, Police immediately reached the spot and noticed the cuts and bruises on the victim’s arms, back, and legs. However, she denied taking medical care at the scene. She said that this shocking incident left her traumatized. The woman has got injured with some minor cuts and bruises. The man was arrested on the charges of assault and attempt to assault. However, it is not clear whether he is still in jail or has been out on bail. We will soon update our readers with further details of the case. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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