Braddell View Fire Breaks Out In Braddell View Condo: A most terrible incident has been taken place in Singapore and this incident is now becoming breaking news all around the world and is also showing on media networks around the world. This news is also disseminated on social media platforms. So you guys are at the right place as in the article below you will be going to have complete information related to the heartbreaking event. An entire city and the residents of the area are in a panic as they are afraid of this fire breaking out. Follow More Update On

Braddell View Fire

Braddell View Fire

Yes, you have read it right fire break out. It took place in the Bradell View apartment, on Friday evening on 3rd December 2021. This building has 50 residents and all the residents of eth building had been evacuated from their last or homes. The Civil Defence Force (SCDF), took very strong action and which must meed tp be took place, “they evacuated the residents of the building at the time of the fire break out. SCDF took to Facebook and gave a statement in which they said that, “after the officers had been noticed that there was a fire coming from the 13th floor unit in Block 10C.”

And before the people from Civil Defence Force arrived at the incident sop the residents of the building has been already evacuated. So as pee the eye witness of the most devastating scene the fire had been started from the after bedroom after 7 pm and later breaks out also. So there were three fire engines at the spot and these are from Bishan Fire Station and Paya Lebar Fore Station, whether the this there were several police cars. The fire was extinguished with eth help of two compressed air from backpackers and one water jet.

No one is injured in this, everyone is safe but the house has completely vanished. So as per the neighbor Ms. Jade Lee who is 42 years give a statement in which she said that “she feels a smoky smell and when she rushed out she used to notice a free at the block 10.” She further told that when they called eth emergency services it served in 8 minutes and started to take control over the situation. And there are more eyewitnesses who told that they all smell of smoke and when they come out to check they got to know that block 10 has been in a fire.


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