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Bouncer Vs Armz Korleone full fight match highlights: Bouncer wins MMA fight against Armz Korleone


Bouncer Vs Armz Korleone full fight match highlights: Bouncer wins MMA fight against Armz Korleone: There is a buzz going around in the MMA world as the Bouncer has become the new Wicked N Bad champion as he has won his MMA fight against Armz Korleon, this has happened by a unanimous decision, Bouncer has won the fight and he, later on, praised his opponent and he went on to celebrate his monumental achievement.

Bouncer Vs Armz Korleone

Bouncer Vs Armz Korleone full fight match highlights

The fight was consisting of five separate three-minute rounds and at the end of the fifth round, the winner was declared by the judges and in this case, it was Bouncer who has been exceptional in the fight, the commentators praised both of the men for showing heart and forgiving each other a tough fight in order to come out at the top but Bouncer was pretty exceptional.

In the post-match interview, it was stated by Bouncer, ‘he feels fucked’, Bouncer even talked about the hard training he went through to bring out the best of him and to become more efficient in the ring, he expressed the pride he felt after the match, he was pretty happy that all of the hard work has paid off in a big way.

He was emotional because he had chosen the right track of living his life after being in jail for some time and now being the champ of such a competitive league, it shows that it is never too late to have become a decent person. He has become one of the best in the sport and he is definitely going to be feared in the heavyweight division.

He has really come up with his talent and we hope to see him more often fighting, it is not going to take too much time as he is in the limelight and there are going to be fighters who will happily take away the limelight from him so it seems like things are getting pretty interesting in the MMA world as there is a new champion on the rise.

He has shown complete class in the fight and taking nothing away from Armz Korleone, he has given Bouncer a hard time in the ring, he has been exceptional too and it was evident after the match as both of the fighters had nothing but respect for their opponent, the match is going to go down as one of the most passionate matches in the history of MMA without an iota of doubt.

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