Boulder Creek High School Shooting and What Happened Active Shooter?: Accidents happened at any time. Nobody knows what will happen in the next moment. Whether you are sitting at the home, or you are traveling on a bus. Anything happened at any point in time. There is no fixed date that somebody tells you that you are going to die at this time. Recently, news has been seen that a shooting has occurred in the Boulder Creek high school. This news has shocked so many people and also stunned the viewers who watch the news on TV and on some social media sites. In this article, we gonna discuss briefly what exactly happened in the School and who was the main victim. So, without delaying any further minute, let’s get started. Follow More Update On

Boulder Creek

Boulder Creek High School Shooting?

The shooting which has occurred in the Boulder Creek High school. Nobody knows the main intention of the shooting. Because the victim doesn’t loot anyone and doesn’t steal the purse of anyone. So, what’s the main reason for this shooting. Many say this shooting was a warning signal to teachers that are put pressuring students for studies. While some say, the killers have to kill one student in the school. But for some reason, that student was absent that day and their shooting failed.

What Happened Active Shooter?

During the shooting at Boulder Creek High School, 60 people were killed and 30 were injured. A panic-like situation has been created among the students and the staff members. Everybody was running here and there when the shooting incident happened. When the cops reached the incident, they calm down the situation. But unfortunately, cops didn’t catch the killer.  Due to the limited information and lack of resources, we can’t say anything more about this incident. But in the future, if any updates will come, then we inform you.

Many responses came from all over the world when this news came out on the internet. Some responses were positive while some were negative. The school was located in Anthem, Arizona. The school is only available for 9 to 12 grades. Nonetheless, cops have started their investigation, and they are searching for the victim. They are looking at all possible cameras to see the victim’s face. But because of the bad quality, cops can’t see their faces. The victim’s identity is unknown at the time of writing.


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