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Boston Marathon 2021 winners list: Here are the official winner name list of Boston Marathon 2021


Boston Marathon 2021 winners list: Here are the official winner name list of Boston Marathon 2021: 125th Boston Marathon finally took place after the long and hiatus wait of 30 months. This was the long wait as it was due to the Covid-19. But this time the people were finally made on October 11, Monday. There was a marathon and the people were so happy to be a part of this. After the long wait, it was like a proud and happiest run for all those who were waiting for it so curiously and took participation in it. Follow More updates on GetIndiaNews.com

Boston Marathon 2021 winners list

Boston Marathon 2021 winners list

This was the smaller event as compared to the previous ones and the people in it also maintained a distance between them. They were even seen in their maks and kept themselves at a distance. So in teg article below we will also be going to update you all with the winner’s names. You might be getting impatient to know it so without further ado let’s get into the list of the winner’s names.

Who won the 2021 Boston Marathon?

The winner of the 125th Boston Marathon 2021 is Benson Kipruto Diana Chemtai Kipyogei, Marcel Hug, and Manuela Schar. In the male, it was Benson who claimed a win and in females, it was Dian who made a win.  Praalymipics winner from a woman was Manuela, while from was Marcel.

Who are Benson Kipruto and Diana Chemtai Kipyogei?

Benson is a Kenyan runner

who covered the long-distance, he also won in 1019 and this time also he proved himself. He beat CJ Alberstaon by finishing a race before 46 minutes reaching the finish line. He was also won the Prague Marathon in the year 2021 and Tronto Marathon in 2018.

So if we talked about Diana, she managed to win by reaching 26 mins before her competitor Edna Kiplagat. This is not the first time she has been winning a marathon before this also she grabbed a marathon trophy in her hand. In 2020 she won the Istanbul Marathon.

The wheelchair winners were also happy and they too were won many times before this one. Both of them took the stage and they give speeches in which they told how happy they are after holding a medal and trophy in their hand.

Manuela is a Paralympian athlete who has been won numerous races in her career and holds many medals. She even expresses her feeling and this made her win more marathons in the future.

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