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Boscobel Tornado Damage: Tornado Causes Destroys Family’s House And Barn In Grant County


There has been a severe storm which has swept through Grant County on Saturday, the storm has destroyed many power lines, this has been stated by Grant County Emergency Management. There has been a tornado that touched down near the Boscobel city limits and it traveled about four miles from southeast of the city. Kathleen Lawver and her husband were going to visit their nephew and niece as they saw the tornado touch down across the street.

Boscobel Tornado

Boscobel Tornado Damage

They stated they took the shelter in one of the pantries they saw and they were huddling together under a concrete counter. There were crashes and bangs which were being heard, the roof was coming off and they were experiencing insulation in their mouth, spitting and coughing out insulation. he stated the Tornado lasted for a few minutes as it stripped off some of the room and some of the wood beams, the barn which was behind the house was also tormented and destroyed and the cow which was with the family was also missing and all this took place on Saturday in the evening.

Boscobel Tornado Video & Images

It has been further stated when they finally felt safe enough to get out, it was a task for them as they were coming out through the rubbles of the house, she stated he husband was looking out for the boards as they were hanging there because of some nails and he told her to step where he is stepping.

It was stated by the couple, they rebuild their house 3 years ago after it caught fire and burned down and now again this has happened, couples were pretty sad, they were also devastated for the nephew and niece.

the insurance claim has been initiated by the niece and nephew and they are figuring out the next steps. the situation was pretty devastating for the family as they were in serious trouble and the best part is that no one got hurt in the situation even though the scenario got pretty bad, it seems like they are going to have nightmares about the situation and probably the situation has made them more strong, you cannot question nature and it just happened and it is good to see, everyone came out fine after all of the devastation and the house protected them but got destroyed in doing so.

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