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Borough Green Accident: Man In Critical Condition After Ambulance Hits Pedestrian On A25 Maidstone Road


Borough Green Accident: There has been an accident recently and the man is fighting in the hospital for his life after he got hit with an ambulance, the accident has happened on the A25 Maidstone Road which is in Borough Green which is between Sevenoaks and Maidstone, this has happened in the early hours today.

Etwall Accident

Borough Green Accident

The man who was on foot was stuck not that far from midnight and the road has to remind closed in the north directions for more than seven hours, the roads are going to reopen at 7:40 am. The police are now appealing for the information, it has been stated by the police spokesperson, at around 12:20 am on Saturday dating to 2nd October.

An ambulance that was traveling towards Platt was involved in a collision with a pedestrian which happened on A25 Maidstone Road. The incident has happened in between the junctions with Crow Hill Road and Brockway. Pedestrian is a local man who is in his 40s and he was treated for the injuries at the scene and he was taken to a hospital in London where he remains in critical condition as of now.

The police authorities are investigating the whole situation and the officers are appealing for witnesses to contact them as they seek their help in the case, they are also asking the people who have a dashcam and were there at the time, to check if they have captured the accident.

There is a lot of information that hasn’t been shared by the authorities as of yet, it has not been stated if the case involves drink and drive, it has not been stated as to who was in the wrong in the whole scenario, there has been no statement from the family of the pedestrian, it seems like there are many revelations which are going to be revealed as the investigation heads-on.

We are going to be updating about the story as there are further developments in it, this seems to be a developing story and we are going to update you as soon as we get to know something related to the accident if you have any kind of information about the accident, then you need to contact to the authorities on this number, 01622 798538.

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