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Bondi Beach Couple Pictures: Couple Caught Having Physical Relationship On Bondi Beach During Sydney Lockdown


A piece of strange news has come out which has focused the attention of the people. It is said that a physical relationship is also a way of making love, but if it is done in front of everyone there how will it feel? It may sound strange to some people and disgusting to some. One such weird news is Coming from Bondi Beach which is in Sydney. A peppy couple was spotted having s*x on the beach and the weirdest part was that the couple having their s*x in front of shocked sunbathers, in the spite of the ongoing Wuhanvirus lockdown.

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

Their weird moment was captured by a photographer Scott Robinson who spotted the duo from the sea as they both were engaged in their risky pornographic session on the popular beachside hilltop just meters below passers-by. At the time of taking an early morning swim, the stunned watcher could not able to believe his eyes when he spotted the X-rated activity around 08:15 AM. 

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

After watching this raunchy activity, he soon takes some pictures, prior to posting them online to the Bondi Local Loop group on social media. At the time of interaction with new.com.au, he stated that “Just think about it was a little frivolity given the times and the new limitations. I took some photographs from the water while doing a brine swim this dawn from Bondi to Tamarama. It was apparently around 08:15 AM so there was desire.

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

See much wildlife in the water around there but never imagined up on the cliffs!” However, later on, the post was removed from the social media page but not before stunned locals hoot at whether the activity could be considered social recreation or exercise under the new rules of the lockdown. One user wrote, “Yes, it is a new way of doing cardio and also helps to improve mental health.”

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

Another wrote, “Holyyyy shit. Those people on the above had no idea what they missed.” One person mocked, “When she says, “Let’s go for a coastal walk”. Presently, under the policy of the government, rule-breakers caught ignoring the current regulation could be hit with a £265 ($500) fine. Presently, more than half of the country’s 26 million people have been asked to live at home over the outbreak that started in Sydney. It has become so utmost that cops were captured enforcing roadblocks and assigned the duties to the army and helicopters to help impose its “Zero Covid” strategy.

Bondi Beach Couple Pictures

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