Boating Accident Horizontal Falls: This is to inform you that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority also known as AMSA has begun an intensive investigation to look into a recent boating accident that occurred in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. According to the reports, several people have sustained injuries. Since the news of the boat accident surfaced on the web it has created a stir among the passengers. This accident took place on Friday 27th May 2022 at Horizontal Falls where a tourist boat named Falls Express ran into trouble while 28 passengers were on-board. Horizontal Falls is a famous place that people visit through a tourist boat but no one thought this could also happen at the tourist point. Let’s explore this story in the next section. We have got some important information for you. Follow More Update On

Boating Accident Horizontal Falls

Boating Accident Horizontal Falls

Horizontal Falls is a tourist point located 250 km away in the northeast direction of Broome. On 27th May 2022 Friday a boat headed to Horizontal Falls carrying 28 passengers but suddenly it ran into turmoil and led to take airlift assistance in evacuating the patients. According to the reports, more than ten people were taken to Perth overnight by air, and further, they were rushed to Royal Perth Hospital for the emergency treatment and lookout. Is any passenger sustained any life-threatening injury or not? Kindly read this in the further section.

Luckily all the passengers are out of danger and no one sustained life-threatening injury according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority. Meanwhile, all the patients are in stable condition. Patients’ ages are in the range of 40 years to 70 years. Furthermore, no victim is in the intensive care unit at this point in time. All were taken out of the remote location of the turmoil with the help of an airlift. This accident was reported shortly after &:00 AM on Friday morning. Kindly read down what a spokesperson for the Australian Maritime Safety Authority said recently.

An unnamed person said this accident prompted multiple agencies to involve in the investigation. Furthermore, Australian Maritime Safety Authority has issued a notice of prohibition, no one can visit this tourist place until further notice comes and authorities make it clear if the place is out of danger or not. Authority also issued a notice to orient the operator to avoid the Horizontal Falls Seaplane Adventures. Stay tuned to this website for more such news articles and further development into the investigation which is being carried out by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


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