Home News Boat Sinking Dunedin: Pair Rescued From Sinking Vessel Near Dunedin

Boat Sinking Dunedin: Pair Rescued From Sinking Vessel Near Dunedin


Boat Sinking Dunedin: A horrifying scene has been spotted on the off coast of Dunedin where a boat sank just north of Puddingstone Rock. In this boat, two fishermen were removed from their sinking boat, moments prior to it disappeared below the surface off the coast. According to the report this accident has happened on Wednesday, 22nd September 2021. As soon as the incident has happened, a mayday call was sent from Orca, a 7 aluminum recreational boat, around 11:25 AM after it got into a problem just north of Puddingstone Rock which is near Papanui Beach, and by around 12:50 PM it was fully and entirely submerged.

Boat Sinking Dunedin

Boat Sinking Dunedin

Steve Rushbrook, Otago Regional Council harbourmaster stated that the mayday call was picked up on channel 6 and the owner of the boat also had “the assets” to set off a blaze, which meant other local fishermen were capable to respond fastly. When they reached the spot “they were in a state to pick up the guys out of the water although the boat sunk from underneath them. So they are very fortunate.”

Boat Sinking Dunedin

The statement further added “They did a few things nicely and very well. They had good communications, that all had carried the life jackets on and the use of flares was the main in this entire scenario. They are very lucky and fortunate to be home safe without having any injury and the loss of life. And I think they were very satisfied to be in a boat, reduced and dry.”

Boat Sinking Dunedin Rushbrook further stated that he and other harbourmaster staff were connected by the commercial fishing boat Echo and its staff and were capable to get a line on the submerged boat. Echo then pulled it to Carey’s Bay, in Otago Harbour. “We were very lucky and fortunate that the fishing boat Echo was spotted in the location. Sans him, that boat would not be here right now.

Boat Sinking Dunedin

It would be in 20m of water. Rushbrook stated it was still not known why the boat sank and how the accident has happened. The reason behind the accident is not known yet, the investigators are trying to find out the reason for this accident. Watchers suggested something might have snapped off the inboard motor which permitted water to flow into the hull. Just wait to know the actual reason for the incident and we will soon update here till then stay tuned with us and read our other articles.

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