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BMOC The Grind Points Table: Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge The Grind Qualifiers day 2 standings


BMOC The Grind Points Table: If you are a game lover and play the game every time. Then this article is for you. This article is for gamers who played BGMI all the time and gives you some updates on this game. It was Day 2 qualifiers for BMOC The Grind. Team Soul has always been topped. With having 50 kills and 104 points. The Second team was Team XO with 96 points. The third team was Hyderabad Hydras with 79 points. The fourth was Team Mayem with 68 points. The fifth one was 62 points. The match has been played for Grind Purposes. Not taking the real ones. If this match was real, then the highly top-rated players will perform their best and come to the positions of first or second. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

BMOC The Grind Points Table

BMOC The Grind Points Table

The first match of the day was played between Group C and D and was claimed by True Rippers Esports with 14 frags. Team Mayhem came second with 10 finished. Other teams which many expected so much gained overall 5 points. Revenge Esports played safely to win the second match of the day with four frags. However, Hyderbad Hydrad topped the points table with 13 kills whereas Maxy was MVP for his seven frags contribution. The third match was played between Group C and Group D and clinched by TSM with 14 kills.


Battlegrounds Mobile Open Challenge The Grind Qualifiers day 2 standings

Talking about their kills, Tema Soul has won the match having 50 kills, Team XO having 52 kills, Team Hyderabad Hydras had 39 kills, Tea Mayhem had 30 kills, Team Chemin Esports had 32 kills, Team TSM had 34 kills, Team Global Esports having 28 kills, Team Insane Esports having 29 kills. All teams played 6 matches and all teams performed well while playing the matches. We put a screenshot of BMOC so you can easily find out which team has scored well. How many they played the matches.


If we talking about the overall team then 32 teams of four groups have played the game and at the current time, it was live broadcasting. Their live streams will be available on YouTube. If you have to watch the streams, then the video has been uploaded on the internet. Those teams who performed in these matches have done their best. Almost every team, they have the best device and best recording capture card. The game has live broadcasting on YouTube when the players were playing game. If any information will come, then we definitely inform you. Till then Follow this site.


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