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Blue Shark Cornwall Pictures: Moment Blue Shark Swam With Postman Off Cornwall Captured


There has been an unusual case of a shark and a postman and many of the people were pretty amazed at what has happened. A keen wildlife photographer and a postman who has had an experience which he is surely going to have once in his life when a shark having a blue color decided to stick close to him as he was traveling the coast of Cornwall for more than an hour which is just astonishing. the name of the postman is Martin Yelland who had this incredible opportunity as he was having a family trip off to Penzance.

Blue Shark Cornwall

Blue Shark Cornwall Pictures

The guy is 38 years old from St Erth and he is the father of two, it was stated by the postman, it took the shark about two hours to appear but when it did, it stayed with them for an hour and a half but in the end, it got scared away because of a superpod and probably because of 80 or more dolphins. he stated it was the first time for him being close to a blue shark and he further stated, it was the ultimate experience for him, as we told you he loves wildlife photography and this is a dream come true for a man who loves wildlife and nature.

He got into wildlife photography after he started off a family and since he has been snapping the Cornish countryside for many years now and that includes badgers, playful coughs, kingfishers, foxes, and deers for many years now and he has been loving doing this and for a guy who is so passionate about wildlife, it must be a spectacular event for him as a blue shark is sticking with him for more than an hour which would have been such a teary experience for him.

It has been stated Blue sharks only visit British waters only in the summers during the migration and they don’t tend to bite humans. People are reacting to the story and so many people are feeling happy for the postman and for sure there are going to be people who must be wanting to be there as there are many people who are into wildlife and nature and it can be seen as the internet is reacting to the story which is so unusual for so many people.

Blue Shark Cornwall Blue Shark Cornwall Blue Shark Cornwall Blue Shark Cornwall Blue Shark Cornwall

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