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Blast in Pakistan: 2 dead, 16 injured in blast near Hafiz Saeed’s Lahore residence!


There has been the latest news that is coming from Pakistan as there has been a bomb blast in Lahore and the bomb blast happened near LeT founder Hafiz Saeed’s residence and this has been flashing in the news recently, the blast got triggered at a house which was located at 120 meters from the residence of Saeed who is the founder of LeT and this has happened in Johar town. It has been reported by the Tv news channels.

Blast in Lahore Pakistan

There have been several police citing in the area, it has been stated by Ghulam Mehmood who is the chief of Lahore police as he has stated to the reporters that 2 of the people who were severely injured have died at the Jinnah hospital, and it has been stated that about 2 people have died and about 16 people are injured because of the explosion that occurred at a short distance from the founder of the Lashkar-e-Taiba naming Hafiz Saeed’s residence which is the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore which happened on Wednesday and this has been reported by the media.

Saeed has been living there for the longest time in Johar town, but it seems like that he is in jail for now in Lahore as he has been arrested and has been convicted during last year which was due to the string of cases as he was involved in terror financing, it has also been reported by Dogar that there has been a bomb blast but the situation is being investigated as to determine the exact nature of the explosion that has taken place in Lahore and it seems like that the people who have been affected due to this, their families are in vein as so many innocent people are injured and our prayers are with the families of the people who have died because of the bomb blast and with the people who are injured and are fighting for their lives in the hospital.

The media reports have come that children, women, and some police officials are among the injured and some of them are in critical condition and this is such a sad scenario to see and it has also been stated by an eyewitness that he saw a man parking a bike in the area and the bike exploded after some time and it seems like that the situation is in under control for now as the authorities are on their toes and are helping out the locals in the area.

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  1. How did you come know so early just after one hour of blast it’s near Hafiz Saeed’s home ? Even Pakistani News agencies still does not know ?


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