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Birthday Party Alligator Attack Video Explained!


There is a Utah center employee who is right now in the recovery process, she was doing a presentation when an alligator yanked her to the enclosure, the alligator was thrashing her around after which a visitor rushed to save her and he helped in getting her free from its jaws. This dramatic scene was captured on the video which got unfolded during a birthday party of a 5-year-old, the video was taken by a guest who is not identified as of yet, this took place in the suburban salt lake city.

Alligator Attack Handler Birthday Party

Alligator Attack Handler Birthday Party

She was talking to some children and adults about the alligator on Saturday as it bit her hand and dragged her into the water. The owner of the company naming Shane Richins has stated in an interview on Monday, the handler was opening up the enclosure as she was trying to feed the 8-foot long alligator, the name of the gator is ‘Darth Gator’ but it seems like this time it got a little hyperactive in the moment and this horrific incident took place.

Richins has told the media, the hand of the handler was in the mouth of the gator so she knew if she is going to resist, her hand is going to get ripped off so she went with the gator in the water. he further stated the center has a strict policy for having a second handler be close by when employees are working with the alligator, but this has not been enforced in recent years if the handler isn’t planning to enter the enclosure.

Birthday Party Alligator Attack

She was struggling to get her hands free from its jaws and then a visitor which has been identified who goes by the name of Donnie Wiseman, yelled that we have got trouble here as he jumped into the water as he climbed on top of the reptile to save the handler. The man got the alligator pinned as the handler is calmly giving them instructions in order to get her to escape from the situation, Wiseman was on the top of the reptile until after the woman got free.

Wiseman stated, she was aware of the situation and he is glad that she was there to provide them with instructions, he told the station he was waiting for the police to come and shoot him. Christopher’s wife has a background in nursing and she started performing first aid on her before the crew arrived.

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