Bill Gates Net Worth 2021: Bill Gates Rank On The Forbes 400: The long streak of Bill Gates of being one of the top two richest people in America has come to an end, for the first time since the year 1991, the Microsoft co-founder isn’t the number one or number two on the Forbes list which annually ranks the richest people in the US, while his fortune jumped by $23 Billion from a year ago. Follow More Updates On

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Net Worth 2021

  • 12,970 crores USD (As per Google)

He is now estimating at $134 Billion but this wasn’t enough to catch the founder of Amazon naming Jeff Bezos, Tesla CEO Elon Musk or Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg whose fortunes has reached new heights thanks to their companies who have been rising their share prices, Gates is coming short to these three and he has landed on number four spot.

The stock market isn’t the only reason that he is down from number two, a chunk of his net worth which is a minimum of $5.7 Billion worth of shares in publicly trading company has gone to his ex-wife Melinda French Gates after they announced about their divorce in the month of May, if his fortune and marriage would have stayed intact then Gates would be richer than Mark and would be at number three for this year.

It has been stated, nearly a quarter of Gates earnings come from his estimated 1.3$ stake in Microsoft, with 31 Billion as of 3rd September, the rest of his income comes from his investment firm which is Cascade investment LLC along with some other assets such as having a sprawling $143 Million estates which are in Medina in Washington, he owns 14$ of the dealership when it comes to  Autonation, shares of waste management, tractor maker Deere & Co, Canadian National Railway and much more.

After he stepped down as the CEO in the year 2000, his net worth dropped for the first time, he still remained number one on the Forbes list, the stock price of Microsoft stumbled amid the dot com crash while it defended itself from the US government. Gates has also transferred $20 Billion worht of Microsoft stock the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation when it was formed in the year 2000 whcih has diminished hisd album even further.

He contuinued to make significant donation after that point which has been the reason that his earning have reduced over alot as the time went by as he was so much involved when it comes to donations.


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