Bill Belichick Lips: Bill Belichick is shown with cuts nose and lips on his face: The fans of the NFL are trying to understand what has happened to Bill Belichick’s face, all the fans have been wondering as they watched Sunday’s match which was between New England Patriots and Dallas Cowboys, it has been shown by the CBC’s cameras as they took few close up shits of Belichick. Follow Updates on

Bill Belichick Lips

Bill Belichick Lips

As the game was winding down in the final few minutes, the head coach of the patriots was seen with a cut on the bridge which happened to his nose, his lips was appearing to be bloody at the time, it has not been announced by the CBC team which includes Tony Romo and Jim Nantz have not commented on the face of Belichick.

Bill Belichick Lips and nose photos

This has happened for the second time one few weeks that the face of a Belichick coach drew attention, if we talk about last time, it was Bill’s son Steve who was getting the attention for the faces he was making from the sideline, last time it was the son of Bill naming Steve and it seems like this time it is Bill’s beat up as they had people who were wondering to what is going on.

People on the internet have been talking about his face and it is not a surprise as he was bleeding heavily and it is strange that there has been no talk about the blood dripping from his face in the match analysis, it was the highlight for many in the match but there has been nothing which has been stated about the situation.

Bill Belichick is shown with cuts nose and lips on his face

He was also seen wiping blood from his mouth at points, it seems like there are going to be further revelations in the case, there is not much which has been stated about the scenario and there are definitely going to be further developments in the case and we are going to be on our toes to provide you with the latest information about the story as soon as it comes under our radar


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