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Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Non-Stop Elimination: Tejaswi Madivada gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu


Bigg Boss Telugu OTT Non-Stop Elimination: Tejaswi Madivada gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Non-Stop Telugu: Bigg Boss Non-Stop is moving towards its sixth week. The show is getting very interesting and entertaining after every passing week. The fifth week was started with sizzling TRPs and an amazing re-entry of Mumaith Khan. This week, lots of fights and arguments took place among the contestants which made the episodes more spicy and worth watching for the viewers. It is the weekend and all the fans are eagerly waiting for weekend episodes because the host will take the class of the contestants on the basis of their behavior throughout the week. In this article, we have brought some information about the elimination for this week so stay tuned. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

The BB Ultimate is in its fifth week in which we have seen clashes and heated arguments among the contestants. Apart from this, we have also the contestants performing tasks with all their strength and energy. The contestants of the show are putting all their efforts to move forward in the game till the last. This week, 7 contestants are nominated for the eliminations of this week. Here is the list of the nominated contestants who are in danger this week:


Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination week 6 – Who gets eliminated Bigg Boss Non-Stop this week – Bigg Boss Non-Stop Elimination

Bigg Boss Ultimate Online Voting Results

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Nominated Contestants List This Week

  1. Anil Rathod
  2. Tejaswi
  3. Ariyana
  4. Mitraaw
  5. Sravanthi
  6. Bindhu
  7. Shiva

According to the online voting results, Tejaswi and Sravanthi are in the danger zone. However, Sravanthi has a higher chance to get evicted from the house this week as he got fewer votes this week. Each contestant is trying to reach the final of the show as everyone wants to get the beautiful trophy of the Bigg Boss Non-Stop. Now, it will be interesting to watch who will be eliminated from the show.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop Final Voting Results in 6th Week

  1. Bindhu – 28% vote share
  2. Shiva – 15% vote share
  3. Ariyana – 12% vote share
  4. Anil Rathod – 11% vote share
  5. Tejaswi – 10% vote share
  6. Mitraaw – 10% vote share
  7. Sravanthi – 6% vote share

Well, BB Non-Stop is getting exciting and interesting and receiving immense responses from the viewers. It is a digital version of Telugu BB that has gained the same response. The viewers are giving much love and attention to the contestants who are proving a high dose of entertainment. Each contestant has a solid fan base at this time. Every week, the fans vote for their favorite contestants to save them from elimination. The viewers are currently waiting for the weekend episode to know which contestants will move forward in the 6th week. Do not forget to watch tonight’s episode of “Bigg Boss Non-Stop” on Disney+ Hotstar.

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Bigg Boss non-stop is streaming on the Ott platform. The updates of the show are going to make you all so entertained. The host of the show will go to be seen taking a bash on the inmates due to their acts n the last episodes. The Telugu audience with an interesting. The Bigg Boss Twekesugu Ott is going on great and this has teg huge audience base.

Bigg Boss non-stop, written episode update of 3 April 2022:-

The host of the show will ging to make you all so entertained with his words. He takes a bash on them. As the inmates were used nad words against each other in the show. Then he will be seen telling them that their images are affecting the outside and this will also be lead to a shortage of your votes.

Bigg Boss Non-Stop is the most popular show which has a huge fan base and they are keen to know who will be going to face the elimination tonight. So if we look at the voting trends data then Bindu Madhavi is at the top of the voting list with the highest votes in her favor which means she is safe from elimination. His next name is Shiva as he is also at the second-highest votes in his favor so he is safe.

But there are two names on the bottom lines. We are talking about Tehaswi and Sravanthi, both are in the danger zone as they have the least votes in their favor. elimination is the most disheartening part of the show but it must need to be done as this has been the format of the show. Whereas elimination is the only way to behave the most deserving one for the title of the show.

The show has many followers and they have also created fan pages on social media platforms. So if you want daily updates on the same then don’t forget to follow us or bookmark our site.

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