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Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil Elimination Week 4: Chinna Ponnu eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5


Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination 31st October 2021: Who gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5 This week: Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5, is the most-watched and highly appreciated by the audience. The non-scripted reality show is going on so well. The audience is so excepted and impatient to grab the written update of tonight’s episode. The episode begins with a discussion of what is going on in the house. All the inmates are under pressure as they will going to face elimination in the upcoming episode. Other than this we will also be going to see that they are waiting for the task. Hence the episode tonight is going to be jammed with lots of fun and entertainment. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination

  • Chinna Ponnu

So the audience tonight is going to be met with the most beloved hit of the show. And he will also be going to be taking a class on the inmates. They all are seen talking about their performances in the last episode and also tell him how the argument was raised. Then he clears the mistakes of all the inmates and also tells them how bad they are behaving with each other during the tasks. He also warns them to not behave like this with each other as they might have been sent out of the house. They all get guilty and accept their mistake.

There was a luxury budget task in which Abhinay and Varun were escalated as the participants. Well, they aren’t interpreted at tall to perform this task. Well, this is not exactly named yet, and yet to be known what exactly we can call it. well, their performances in the task were not so bad then so good. They both make the same efforts. So all they have to guess is the name of the song and when the music of that particular song plays. Inmates are about to laugh put laud on this. Music added. And later there was a laugh in the house. All are seen laughing out loud at it.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination today – Who gets evicted in BB5 this week – Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination this week

The env of environment those been who have changed and this is the very first time that during a task the inmates were laughing. Later there has been an emotional turn in the game when an inmate gets to meet a loved one. The show is so amazing as it is consists of real fun, arguments, and love angels. Hence this s the interesting one among the rest of the shoes on the channel. The host Kamal Hasan is also giving the best content and people also love to watch the show due to him as they get to see there be actors on the show every Saturday and Sunday.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominated Contestants This Week 4

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Abhinay Nominated
2 Akshara Nominated
3 Chinna Ponnu Eliminated
4 Imman Nominated
5 Isaivani Nominated
6 Pavani Nominated
7 Priyanka Nominated
8 Suruthi Nominated
8 Varun Nominated

The concept of the show is deepened on the elimination and this is the most important part of the show which must need to take place as it is the only better way to get the most deserving one for the show. But for all the inmates, this is the most disheartening part as they are in the show to chase their dreams and this show is the way for them to give them more chances and fame so that they can get more work n the industry they wished to. this show gives them recently and the way to purchase their dreams. Inmates are blessed to be a part of the show. And they are giving their best by entertaining their audience this s the only way they can stay long on the game.


So we are also a part of their journey in the game. And for this all, we have to give them our votes which devices their journey in the show. So those who want to see their favorite inmates in the house have the chance to stay long in the game by keeping their audience entertained with their content.

Bigg Boss Season 5 Tamil Elimination Week 4: Chinna Ponnu gets eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 5

  • Priyanka – 23.76% Votes
  • Akshara – 19.78% Votes
  • Imman – 13.85% Votes
  • Pavani – 10.88% Votes
  • Varun – 7.34% Votes
  • Abhinay – 6.88% Votes
  • Isaivani – 6.44% Votes
  • Chinnaponnu – 5.63% Votes

So those who want to see their favorite ones in the house have the chance to save them just by giving a miss call on their given numbers. So since the season begins we have been seen three eliminations and this is the fourth one. The last three eliminations are Namitha, Nadia, and Abhishek. The name which is lurking in the danger is Chinnaponnu as he has the least votes and might be eliminated from the house this week. Whereas Priyanka is at the top of the voting lust and she is safe. So stay tuned to us and don’t forget to watch h the show on the channel Star Vijay tv. And you may also enjoy the live streaming of the show only on Hotstar.

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