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Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination 7th Week: Isaivani gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5!


Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination 7th Week: Isaivani gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5!: Bigg Boss Tamil is the so popular show and it is getting more viral and the show is highly appreciated by the audience. Tonight is the weekend episode in which we will go to meet the most beloved host of the show Kamal Hassan will be seen talking to the inmates about their behavior with each other in a show. And they are used to being seen clearing their points in front of him. And they are even suing to talk about how tensed they are with the new wild card entry as they have to compete with a wild card entry who knows more about the show and everyone’s behavior. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination

We will also see that Kamal Hassan is going to talk about the dispute or fight of the two male participants who were used to getting so angry at each other and that they even lost their patience that they were being captured on a camera. And this behavior of them will be going to be telecast on the national tv. While he talks about their fight or abusive behavior both of them will be seen feeling guilty for their actions and this is the most shameful thing for both the boys.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination Week 7: Who gets eliminated From Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Online Voting Final Vote Results Revealed

Everyone in the show will be seen under a pressure as tomorrow will be an eviction day and one of the nominated participants will have to leave the show. Hence this tension will be seen among the inmates. Other than this we will see that Kamla sir also give them a chance to play a task in which they have to target any of the inmates which are fit to that certain tag as per their opinion and also have to give their opinion why they think that particular inmate is fit for this tag as per them.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Elimination Today – Who gets evicted in BB5 this week – Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 Elimination this week

So her is the name of the participants who are in the list of nominations, Abhinay
Akshara, Ciby, Imman, Isaivani, Iykki, Niroop, Pavani, and Thamarai. And this is the most heartbreaking part of the show about it must need to take place as this is the only best way to get the most deserving one for the title. This show is the dream for many as it gives them fame, name, and woke in their field. So don’t forget to watch the full episode tonight only on Vijay tv. Stay glued to us to grab the written update.

Bigg Boss 15 Nominated Contestants This Week

The list of 9 contestants nominated this week for elimination is given below:

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Abhinay Nominated
2 Akshara Nominated
3 Thamarai Nominated
4 Ciby Nominated
5 Pavani Nominated
6 Imman Nominated
7 Isaivani Nominated
8 Niroop Nominated
9 Iykki Nominated

In tonight’s episode, we will also be going to see a love angle of Priyanka. She is in love with one of the male inmates and they are seen spending a good time together inside a house. Both of them are so fond of each other and even understand each other better. All they are now trying their best to give each other more time as they use to spend time together. Other inmates are also seen helping them coming more close to each other. While some are seen pulling their legs. And they will be seen hugging each other.

Their fans are getting exciting and their closeness is creating a buzz over social media platforms. Both of them are grabbing the attention of the viewers and their fans are also enjoying them. Other than this we will also see that inmates are going to be talking about the issues they have from other participants. All the other inmates are seen getting into the argument while they are discussing their issues with each other. At that time Kamal sir shouted at them and tell them to be quiet and have some patience.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Elimination This week Final Voting Trends: 

Now let’s talk about the voting trends so as per the voting trends we can assume who will be going to be out of the house on Sunday. So her at the voting trends.

  • Abhinay – 13.42% votes shares
  • Akshara – 12.65% votes shares
  • Thamarai – 12.62% votes shares
  • Ciby – 12.61% votes shares
  • Pavani – 11.98% votes shares
  • Imman – 10.93% votes shares
  • Isaivani – 10.04% votes shares
  • Niroop – 8.40% votes shares
  • Iykki – 7.36% votes shares

So as per these voting trends, Abhiany is on the safe side and he is going to be safe. But there is two news that is lurking in the danger and they are Nirrop and Iykki. Whereas Iykki is in the danger zone.  And there are more chances that he might have going to be evicted from the show. This is the most disheartening one for him and his fans.

Well, you guys have the chance to save your favorite inmate by giving them votes. And for this, all you have to just give a missed call on eth number which is shown on your tv screens other than this you may also take the official sites where you may register your vote for your favorite housemate. Other than this in tonight’s episode, you will also be going to see a fight between Niroop and Varun. In which they both use to be talking against each other and even shouted at each other. While the rest of the inmates will be seen sorting their argument.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 5 comes at its week seventh and this week is was jammed up with lots of fun, fights, and entertainment. The show is being so exciting and this time we have also got to see that the inmates are smart enough to play a game. And this makes the show more entertaining or appealing. Well as we see that the show is becoming close to its finale it is getting more appealing week after week. The show is gaining a huge amount of appreciation from the audience.

Other than this we will see that host of the show Kamla sir is going to pull the leg of one of the contestants and everyone is going to enjoy this. He is pulling a leg of the male participants and also sees that the rest of the inmates use to laugh at him. And after this, we will see that he realized it so later that his leg was being pulled by Kamal sir. Well after so long on the previous episode we will see that Kamal sir is looking a bit calm and in a happy mood. He was also seen laughing at a male inmate.

Later he tells an inmate to keep some patience and also control their tongue as the way they use to get angry at each other is so wrong. He tells them that their bad and abusive language is directly affecting their image and it also leads to their evictions. Whereas we will also see that the inmates are seen feeling the guilt for their bad behavior.

So rest we will also be going to see those the participants who are in nominations are under the pressure as tonight is the eviction night and they all will going to get upset as there will be an elimination. So the inmate who is going to end a journey tonight the fans of these inmates are going to be so disheartened. This is the most difficult phase of the show which just needs to take place.

Let us also clear you one thing that elimination is the only best way to get the most deserving one for the title. So the names those are on the bottom are Niroop and Iykki. Well, Iykki is the one who is going to be out of the show as per the voting trends and the rest will be confirmed in the episode tonight.


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