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Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination 7th November 2021: Trupti Desai get Evicted From Bigg Boss Marathi 3 This week


Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination 7th November 2021: Trupti Desai get Evicted From Bigg Boss Marathi 3 This week: Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 is going to be very thrilling and entertaining this weekend. Because the contestants have been seen involved in several fights which went ugly. So now, the contestants will have to face the host’s reaction in their actions. If we talk about the game of the contestants then it is going on extremely well as the contestants are performing every task with full dedication and confidence. The contestants are giving their best to maintain their place in the show. Here, we have brought some essential details about the elimination of this week so stay tuned and read the full article. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

  • Trupti Desai

In this season, we have seen many fights, clashes, arguments, and lots of drama. The contestants got into several fights whether it’s for personal reasons or household works. Now, the season is moving towards its seventh week. The sixth week will be ended after this weekend. The contestants are under pressure as the weeks are passing. Everyone knows that no one wants to leave the house so soon, that’s the reason why the contestants have shown more effort than before in the recent tasks. The contestants have already gained a huge fan-following on social media platforms.

As we know that the show was started with contestants who have entered the show to become the popular star of the BB Marathi Season 3 and some of them have successfully done their work by their honesty in the game. Five contestants have been eliminated from the show till now and their names are Surekha, Adish, Shivila, Akshay, Avishkar. Now, the fans are eagerly waiting for the next elimination which is going to happen this week.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination this week – Who is Eliminated in BB3 Marathi this week – Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

As per some unconfirmed voting results, Trupti can be seen in a danger zone. However, Vishal is on the top which means he is safe for this week. Now, it is going to be very interesting to see that whose name will be announced by the host for the elimination. Apart from elimination, the host will be bashed out the contestants whose behavior was not good throughout the week. The weekend episode is going to be very interesting and special. So, do not forget to watch the upcoming episode of “Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3” on Colors Marathi. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Nominated Contestants for Elimination Week 7

Five contestants are nominated for this week’s elimination and their names are mentioned below:

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Vishal Nikkam Nominated
2 Jay Dudhane Nominated
3 Trupti Desai Nominated
4 Meenal Shah Nominated
5 Sonali Jha Nominated

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3, is going to be so entertaining tonight and this is the most amazing show which is non-scripted. So in this season, we will be going to see that everyone in tonight’s episode will be seen involved in tasks and they are giving their best. In the upcoming weekends, we will be going to see the sixth elimination of the show. And this is going to be so disheartening for the inmates as they are coming so far in the game and leaving the show after racing here is heartbreaking for them.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Final Voting Trends

Bigg Boss 3 Marathi Voting Trends week 7 Elimination

  • Vishhal Nikam – 28% votes
  • Meenal Shah – 18% votes
  • Sonali Patil – 14% votes
  • Jay Dudhane – 12% votes
  • Trupti Desai – 8% votes

So in tonight’s episode, Bigg Boss announces the captaincy task to the inmates and they all are seen getting involved in the task with all the dedication. But there will be going to fight in the inmates during a task and we will see that one of the female participants will be going to be faint on the floor while she is performing a task. And the rest of the inmates will be seen rushing to her and they take care of her. They all look after her. The captaincy task is so amazing and it is gonna be selected by the captain in the upcoming week.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Eliminated Contestants list

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Surekha Kudachi Eliminated
2 Santosh Chaudhary AKA Dadus Eliminated
3 Aavishkar Darwhekar Eliminated
4 Trupti Desai Eliminated

So wear here with the voting weekends and all know that weekends are all set to showcase with the fear of elimination. Everyone in the show seems under pressure as one-off them will going to leave the sho and the show is going to be so interesting this weekend. But the fear of elimination will be going to be unveiled. The inmates who are eliminated this week include Vishhal Nikam, Trupti Desai, Jay Dudhane, Sonali Patil, and Meenal Shah. So they all are in different positions as per the voting trends. So, guys might be going impatient to know who will be evicted from the show this week.

So as per the voting trend, we will be going to see that Trupti is in the danger and she might be going evicted from the show. Well, Vishal is at the top of the list which means he is safe and has the highest votes in his box. So the rest will be confirmed in Sunday’s episode. So stay tuned to us to grab more written updates.

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