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Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination 9th Week — Gayatri Datar To Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Marathi 3 House!


Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination 9th Week — Gayatri Datar To Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Marathi 3 House: Bigg Boss Marathi is the show which is making a place even in the other states also. The show this season is going on so well that even the audience of other states also following it. This season is highly cherished by the viewers and they are love to watch each and every episode of it. Inmates are giving their best to the show as they are so curious to become a winner for the title of this show. Now we are going to be talking about tonight’s episode so without further ado let’s get into the update. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

  • Gayatri Datar (Wait for official annocement)

So we are going to meet the most beloved host of the show, Mahesh Majekar. He is seen taking a class of Sneha, this time his anger is at the red alert level and you guys will gonna be shocked to see him in tonight’s episode. He exposes the double game plan of Sneha. He says to her that, “the way you are playing this game is clear to everyone. You are being so sweet for everyone but then you turn to the team where you see you will going to get a profit and this is so wrong.” He further says that “your trying to be nice in front of everyone and taking advantage of the inmates. But this game of yours is clearly seen by the audience, which is not appreciable. So just don’t do this and play an individual game.”

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination 9th Week — Who Gets Eliminated From Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Final Voting Revealed

Later when she is trying to defend herself, he tells her not to say a single word and understand what he is talking about. The rest of the inmates are also shocked to know this. Mahesh Ji has also been seen taking a class of other participants who were involved in a heated argument that took the most negative and bad turn. When the inmates were busy playing the captaincy task they forget that they were on cameras and use to be talk shit to each other which was not acceptable and he baches at everyone those who were involved in the argument.

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Elimination this week – Who is Eliminated in BB3 Marathi this week – Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Elimination

After this, we will see that the inmates are in a pang of guilt and they are seen apologizing for their behavior and also telling him that they will not be going to repeat this ever again. So stay tuned to us and get the written episode update on the same platform.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Nominated Contestants for Elimination This Week

Seven contestants are nominated for this week’s elimination and their names are mentioned below:

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Sneha Wagh Nominated
2 Sonali Patil Nominated
3 Mira Jagannath Nominated
4 Gayatri Datar Nominated
5 Santosh Chaudhary (Dadus) Nominated
6 Utkarsh Shinde Nominated

Colors Marathi’s most controversial and prominent reality show named “Bigg Boss Marathi 3” is going to enter the 9th week. The show is going on extremely interesting and astonishingly and gaining a tremendous response from the netizens. The contestants are performing the game with dedication and confidence. All the housemates are giving their best in the show to secure their place on the show. Slowly, the show is coming near to its end and the housemates are putting all their efforts into the tasks. Tomorrow is the weekend, the host of the show will announce one more name who will leave the show.

As we all know that the show has evicted 7 housemates. And the last eviction was quite obvious. Neetha was the last housemate who got eliminated from BB house. The viewers have been watching the show with full interest. The craze among the people for the show as the viewers like spicy content and drama and the BB is the one show that is mainly known for containing high voltage drama. This week, 6 housemates are nominated to get evicted from the house. All 6 housemates are under pressure because of the elimination. The list of the nominated housemates is given below:

Bigg Boss 3 Marathi Online Voting Trends This Week 

Online Voting Trends Of Bigg Boss 3 Marathi

  • Sonali Patil – 68.09% Votes Share
  • Utkarsh Shinde – 11.80% Votes Share
  • Sneha Wagh – 7.98% Votes Share
  • Mira Jagannath – 5.36% Votes Share
  • Santosh Chaudhary (Dadus) – 3.93% Votes Share
  • Gayatri Datar – 2.84% Votes Share

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3 Online Voting Result

As per the voting results, Santosh and Gayatri are in a danger zone. While Sonali is safe for this week as she has got more votes among all the nominated contestants. All the fans are eagerly waiting to know who will be left the show this week. The housemates are getting immense love from their fans who are trying their best to make their favorite contestant win the show.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 Eliminated Contestants list

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Surekha Kudachi Eliminated
2 Aavishkar Darwhekar Eliminated
3 Trupti Desai Eliminated

Well, this weekend is going to be very happening and entertaining as the host will be seen having a good time with the housemates. Apart from this, he will also take the class of the housemates who have broken rules this week. As everyone knows, several fights and arguments have taken place among the housemates this week which make the episodes spicy and more entertaining. If you want to see who will be evicted this week from the house then do not forget to watch the weekend episode of “Bigg Boss Marathi 3” on Colors Marathi.

Bigg Boss Marathi 3 21st November 2021 Episode

Bigg Boss Marathi Season 3, is going great and this is the most entertaining show. Everyone in the show is doing great and they all are best in their own way as their gameplay is so amazing. There is a most interesting fact about the show is its host who is always used to making it special with his way of scolding the inmates. He will be seen taking a class of the inmates. The show is becoming more viral due to him as he is giving his best to the show many of his fans and followers are always used to remaining so curious to watch every weekend episode so that they can watch their most beloved host on the screen.

So we will see that Mahesh Manjrekar sir will be seen taking a class of team A. In the previous episode, we saw that he took a class of Team B and in tonight’s episode, he will going to be seen taking a class of Team B as they were also involved in the plannings and plottings which were complete aginst of the rule book of the house and even of the task. While he is talking about the task to the inmates we will see that the housemates are in guilt and they all are even trying to defend themselves. But then he will be going to tell them to shut up and then clear them their mistakes.

After this, we will see that he takes the name of the inmate who is n s a safe zone with the highest votes. After this, he will behave seen taking the name of the bottom two inmates and these are Meera and Dadus. While from hem there will be other name is of Ddaus. So tonight is going to be a disappointment as the inmate is going to be evicted from the house. This is the most devastating phase of the show but it must need to take place. This is the only best to get the winner for the title.

Other than this we will also go to see that Mahesh sir sort out the fights between the inmates. Later Vishal is seen defending his friends but then Mahesh sir tells him something which is going to help him in his favor. So don’t forget to watch the full episode on Colors Maratha.

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