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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Written Update 22nd March 2021 Episode: Nomination Special


Presenting you the written episode update of the most watchable reality show “Bigg Boss Malayalam 3” on 22 March 2021. Tonight’s episode is gonna be jammed up with nonstop entertainment which includes task, the nomination process, laughter, and arguments. The housemates inside are going through an emotional drama which is common in BB’s house. This is a game you inmates use to deal with their emotional effects and drama going around them. And this emotional hit’s creates content by reacting to things.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Different individual has a different way of reacting on things and everyone have their own perspective to take things whether they take them positive or either negative. According to it tonight we will be going to see a fight between housemates. We all know it’s Monday today and there will be a nomination inside the BB house. In which the inmates have to take the name of the person whom they want to eliminate from the house.

Hence tonight we might see an elimination. And everyone is used to convo with the host regarding elimination. Mohanlal asks inmates what will they feel if they get eliminated. All the housemates use to share their feelings regarding it and convince him to save their spots. They tell how important it is to stay in this house. They express why they don’t want to leave the house. Bigg Boss is the only house or reality show which gives you the golden opportunity to gain a huge amount of fanbase and work.

They are judged on what kind of an individual they are. The inmates can’t stay fake inside the house and this the only thing that use to attract an audience and keep them engaged in it. Few of the inmates get emotional while expressing their feelings and willing power for the show. They find themselves luckiest to be part of the show. Mohanlal uses it to make them feel comfortable when the inmates get emotional.

They have been announced with a complicated and exciting task this episode. Which will gonna be performed by them with all the great efforts. In the last episode, we have seen that Firoj and Dimple Bahl were saved their spots this week and out from the danger zone. To watch the full episode set yourself on the Asianet channel at 9:30 from MOn to Friday and at 9:00 pm from Sat to Sun. Stay tuned to us to grab all the latest updates.

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