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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Today’s Episode 24th March 2021: Voting Results & Feroz Khan Slaps Dimple


Are you excited to get a written update of tonight’s episode of your favorite reality show “Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3” on 24th March 2021? Then read the article. Tonight’s episode is gonna be filled with entertainment and fun. The inmates are gonna seem involving in arguments and hilarious sequences. The show has been telecasted on 14 February 2021. And has been reached to 15th week. And as days are reaching faster the inmates are working hard to entertain their audience. The show is receiving love from the audience.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

The hilarious part of tonight’s episode is when Chitra use to do fun with Dimple in her repeated style. She has also gone to won lottery tasks for Ramzan and Magazine. Her actions made everyone enjoy it and laugh out loud at it. She creates a joyful atmosphere. All the inmates make it a topic to laugh at. Chitra uses to come one by one to Dimple and ask questions to her in a rhyming way. She is looking funny while doing so. The episode is gonna jammed up with lots of comedy.

We will also go to see a heated argument between Firoz and Dimple. They are fighting a lot with each other and Froz Khan gets so aggressive as he slaps her. And all the housemates remain stunned seeing this aggression of Firoz. How can he do this. Everyone use to defend Dimple and supported her. They tell ask Bigg Boss to take strong and strict action against Firfoz as his reaction was unbearable. Whatever he did was wrong and not be tolerated. Dimple gets emotional and cries. She says he hurts her a lot. And rest of the inamtaes shouts at Firoz Kahn and makes him understand that he must not do this.

But it is not a serious matter as they both are making everyone fool. They planned it make inmates fool. it is just for fun. When all the housemates are talking about the incident Firoz and Dimple laughs out loud and inmates get it that they do it intentionally to make them fool. The participants get so serious but everything is sorted later. The inmates who are nominated this week are in fear of eviction. The show is highly appreciated by the viewers and this season is creating buzz over social media. Watch the full episode on Asianet at 9:30 pm from Monday to Friday and at 9:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday.

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