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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Today’s Episode 23 February 2021 Written Update: Anoop Krishnana Gets Angry with Rithu Mantra!


Here we are with another latest written update on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 of 23rd February 2021. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see entertainment. Tonight is going to be the first fight of season 3. The inmates are going to break their silence of sweetens are seen involved in the heated arguments during deciding the duties. Some contestants do not agree to the duty assigned by a captain and they fight for themselves to assign them what they are comfortable for.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 23 February 2021 Written Update

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 23 February 2021

The viewers are enjoying watching Bigg Boss season 3 as after covid-19 pandemic people went bored and the bigg boss has brought excitement to their life. The show is highly appreciating by the viewers and getting succeeded day after day. The show enthusiasts watching it full of interest and excitement. Due to the pandemic, season 2 had to end in between the running show hence makers are decided to telecast season 3 this early.

In the upcoming weekend, we might see three new wild card entries. A wild card entry will be causing a problem for the rest of the contestants. As the competition is increasing. The inmates have to play the game with focus and willing power. Many of them are already playing it well and with a winning spirit. The fight will take place at the dining table. The conversation is started by Laxmi “cooking is not easy and like sweeping or cleaning”. Even Adoni and Ramzan have also involved in the argument regarding Laxmi’s dislike.

Ramzan exclaims that it is the matter of everyone not of a single person. The contestant Michelle has changed the house peace into a heated argument. The story told by Dimple to Michelle about her friend has confused her. As per the promo, Dimple becomes emotional and she has tears in her eyes. The fights have taken the place in the Bigg Boss house which is highlighting the behaviors and nature of a few of the inmates.

Laxmi tells the captain that she has some physical problems and couldn’t able to do cleaning duty. Whereas the captain exclaims to everyone that they have to change Laxmi’s duty. And remove her from the cleaning duty. Watch the full episode on Asianet at 09:30 PM from Monday to Sunday. Stay tuned with us to catch all the related updates of the most profound reality show “Bigg Boss 3”.

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