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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Today’s Episode 19th May 2021: Ticket To Finale Count Down Begin!


Bigg Boss Malayalam is currently being binge-watched by the audiences as everyone is truly engaged in the show, this is happening because the contestants are keeping the drama all-time high and that is why the audiences are fully interested in the show as fights have become a part of the show and tasks most of the time end up in fights which is something that should not happen but the audiences love seeing all of this and that is the reason that the TRP of the show is pretty good at this point in time and it seems like that they are not going to slow down as they are coming up with interesting tasks every now and then.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

The show has also reached an important stage like many of the contestants are eliminated already and to keep the show interesting the show makers are also coming up with great ideas to keep the audiences engaged and on the weekends the show is doing pretty well as the host is a superstar of the Malayalam industry who is a veteran actor and he doesn’t shy away in questioning the person who is in the wrong.

The show is about showing your personality and the contestants are doing that pretty well which is making the competition to be even tougher as everyone knows that each of them is pretty strong and have a fan base out there and now the politics is touching the roof as the contestants are trying to save themselves with every opportunity they get.

In the new episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, you are going to see many of the important events that are going to affect the contestants and which is going to decide who is going to be nominated for the weekend.

These are show highlights for you guys, the first highlight is related to one of the tasks that the contestants will be performing as Feroz is going to instruct Surya that he needs to walk and roam around Mani and needs to support him with every opportunity he gets. Remya is also seeing telling Surya the prank is just a trailer and there is probably to be a double eviction, Adoni will be seeing constructing his first meeting as the captain of the house, the nominations that are going to take place are not going to have any sort of curtain or light.

The show is going to have many other moments also so stay tuned with us to get daily updates about the shows so that you can decide for yourself if you won’t watch the show or not.

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