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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 7th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Manikuttan Discuss Duties


Keep the level of your excitement high as we are here to keep you updated with the written episode update of your favorite reality show “Bigg Boss Malayalam 3” on 7th April 2021. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see the captain is under pressure as inmates are not doing their duties in time. Inmates aren’t doing cleansing properly. While some of the housemates are complaining about the duties to the captain.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Hence he will be seen discussing house duties with one of the female participants. He asks her how he can manage the things so, that inmates perform their duties on time and properly. He is discussing theta he must speak about who is doing their duties in time and must target the one who isn’t. He also adds that “I don’t want to hurt anyone hence will try my best to clear the things politely”. The female contestant uses to tell him the way he could present his thought the way no one can feel bad.

Later there is a chat session in which Mnikuttan use to bring an issue regard household duties. He first asks inmates to vote against thee whom they think aren’t doing their duty on time. The inmates like his idea and vote against the ones who they feel are not performing duties. The issue has been solving politely without any fight or arguments and they all have reached the solution. Later they use to thank Manikuttan and appreciated his way of solving this problem.

He listens to everyone’s point and didn’t target the single inmate only which indicates that he is the wise man inside the house. Other than this in this week, there are five inmates who are nominated. The contestant in the nominations is Sajna & Firoz, Sai Vishnu, Adonay John, Sandhya Manoj, and Rithu Mantra. While it is clear that Sanjan & Firoz are in the safe zone as per today’s voting result. On the other hand, we will see how inmates are entertaining audiences to save their sports inside the house for their long journey.

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Whereas the contestants will be seen planning their strategies for the upcoming task which is announced by the Bigg Boss. The task is gonna based on ration. The team which will gonna win the task will get the opportunity to receive more ration. You can watch your favorite show on the Asianet channel at 9:30 pm from Monday to Friday and at 9:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday.

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