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Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 25th March 2021 Episode: Ramzan and Firoz Khan Encounters Strategy


Are you excited to get the all latest written update of tonight’s episode of “Bigg Boss Malayalam 3” on 25th March 2021? Then read the article;e. The episode is gonna be making you entertain a lot. The inmates in tonight’s episode will be seen talking about eviction. As the weekends are close. And the nominated inmates are in fear of elimination this week. The episode is getting exciting week after week.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Bigg Boss is a reality show in which the audience gets to see the real side of the celebs living inside. And this concept of the show attracts the audience. This is the sixth week of the season. And six participants are in the nomination process. All are in confusion that who will gonna face eviction. As per the sources, two contestants are at the bottom of the voting result. While the contestant who gets eliminated will yet to be confirmed.

The show is consists of several unique tasks. The task in the show is exciting to perform and somewhere difficult also. The tasks are given to them so, that inmates can get the opportunity to win the immunity and extra ration. During the tasks, inmates get involved in the fights. Which later takes fire and it converted into heated arguments. And they use to take their revenge by nominating each other. The nomination process has been taking place every Monday.

To play the nomination process Bigg Biss ask housemates to give the reason why they are nominating a certain person. Let’s know the voting result of 25th March 2021.┬áDimple Bhal is at the top of the voting results with 20 percent votes. Sanjana and Firoz receiving the second position with a 17 percent vote along with Soorya. Anoop and Sai Vishnu both get 16 percent votes. While Majiziyan Bhanu is at the bottom of the voting result with 15 percent votes.

In tonight’s episode, we will also gonna see Ramzan and Firoz Khan are strategizing and planning for the upcoming nomination. And also looking forward to taking their game to next level so, that they can save their spots for the finals. Both are gonna make give their game a kick.

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