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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Elimination 1st August 2021: Shubha and Shamanth Evicted From BBK8!


Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8, is coming up with the most unique episode “Varada Kathe Kicchana Jothey” and it will going to be jammed up with some exciting events. The host Sudeep is going to interact with the inmates from the glasshouse and this will be going to be interesting to watch. Whereas the episode is gonna be a shock for the housemates tight, As the hist tells them theta they will be seen double eviction in the episode tonight.
Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Elimination

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 Elimination

  • Shubha and Shamanth Evicted From BBK8

But before this, we will go to see that Kichha Suddep will be a bash on the participant as it is the “Weekend Ka Vaar” episode. Sudeep tells the inmates not to show such bad behavior in the show ever again as it is directly affecting their reputation. And they might even throw out of the show. If they going to use abusive language for each other. Then he talks about the fun went in the last episode and use to be seen pilling the leg of a few of the inmates.

Sudeep also declares or announces that one of the housemates will be going to be evicted from the ongoing show and without even letting you know. So this raised the tension of the inmates and they will be seen hugging each other in advance, Also seen apologizing to each other. So this double elimination segment is like a double shock for them. There will be tension on the face of the inmates. Elimination is the most disheartening part of the show which must need to take place. As it is the one and only way a shoe can get the most deserving one for the title.

Then Kichha announced the name of the inmate who will be evicted from the show and should be seen exited from the glasshouse. The name who first got into tonight’s eviction is the name of an actress and none other than Subha Poonja. Everyone remains stunned to listen to her name. The participants will be seen crying on her exit. Whereas she will be seen taking her eviction positively and say that she is grateful to be a part of this show.

Later she requests that “I want to change my dress before meet with my most favorite and beloved host.” She leaves the house with a smile on her face.  After this we will also be going to see one more elimination to know who will be going to be in the elimination then you must need to watch the full episode on Colors Tv Kannada.

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