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Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8 30th March 2021 Today’s Episode: Chandrakala Eliminated and Holi Celebration!


Grab a full written episode update of your favorite serail “Bigg Boss Kannada” on 30th March 2021. Tonight’s episode is gonna make you a real fan of the reality show. As tonight’s episode filled up with numerous dramas. The contestants will be seen fighting to each other unnecessarily. And they use to taunt each other which seems very hilarious. As the os, nothing so serious to react on but inmates behave like mad people.

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 8

Their madness is created a hilarious environment in the house. And later they use to laugh at it. And pulls each other’s leg. The matter has been extending for so long. But later it settles down and inmates realize that “the argument was going on unnecessarily”. And we will see them playing Holi inside the house. Bigg Boss sends colors in the house. And has arranged a set up in the garden area. Later he announces to inmates to coke together in the garden area to celebrate the Holi festival.

There are colors, desserts, sweets, snacks, and music. Hence, inmates are happy to see all these things in the garden area. They dance on the Holi tracks and apply colors to each other. And hugs. Housemates also enjoy sweets and gujiya. Later they use to thank Bigg Boss for the Holi celebration. Everyone inside the house is looking happy and cheerful. The celebration is the most joyful moment in tonight’s episode. Thus, the inmates use to wish Holi to their loved ones through the cameras in the house.

On the other, we will gonna see two female contestants get involved in the gossips. They are explaining to each other how the inmates are playing their game, and who are real while who are fake. They also discuss the elimination and the nomination criteria. Both plans on how to perform in the upcoming task so, that they can get the immunity. In the last episode, we have seen the nomination process, And after the nomination, there are six inmates Who are nominated this week. Don’t forget to watch the full episode on channel Colors Kannada at 9:30 from Monday to Friday and at 9:00 pm from Saturday to Sunday.

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