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Bigg Boss Kannada 8 Today’s 9th March 2021 Episode Written Update: Inmates Are Announced With A New Task


Here we are with another written episode update “Bigg Boss Kannada 8” on 9th March 2021. In tonight’s episode, we will gonna see lots of arguments and drama inside the house. The episode is gonna be a jackpot for the viewers as it is going to fill with entertainment phases. The audience is eagerly waiting to know what going to be shown in today’s episode hence we are here with all the updates.

Bigg Boss Kannada 8

The inmates in tonight’s episode will be going to be announced by a new task which is “Virus Challenge”. The inmates are divided into two teams one is team Yellow and the other is team Blue. The housemates are also excited to give a strong battle to each other. They have been seen playing a task dedicatedly to win the challenge. As per the promo, team Yellow is playing a character of the virus while other teams have to destroy the virus for which they use to target the Yellow team.

Prior to the concept of task team of Yellow have to defend themselves. Whereas team Yellow has already strategies to defend itself from the Blue team. While the other team also planned to defeat the yellow team. During a task, inmates might get involved in heated arguments and may get injured too. As in the last episode we have seen one of the female participants get unconscious.

As per the sources, Arvind is the only contestant who performs a task cleanly without hitting anyone. Which is appreciating. And a girl who goes unconscious is taken to the medical room. Hence, it is a little bit unexpected for the viewers and the incident might make her fans sad. The show is generating buzz over tv and social media also. People are watching it without missing a single episode.

Well in the previous episode we have seen that there was an argument amongst the inmates after the nomination process as some of them weren’t accept the reasons against them. They were even indulged in the nomination plannings and execute it just like gamblers use a card of the ace of spades. Watch the full episode on Colors Tv Kannada at 6:00 PM from Monday to Saturday. Stay tuned to our site.

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