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Bigg Boss BB Jodigal Today’s 18th July 2021 Latest Full Episode: Ultimate Dance Performance Highlights!


BB Jodigal is the dance show of old Bigg Boss contestants and it is highly cherished by the audience. Ads the concept of the show is engaging and entertaining. Whereas the makers of the show have been focused on the participants and this creates a buzz over social media that the favorite celebs of eth viewers are going to have appeared on the dance show. This will be the most interesting thing for them.

Bigg Boss BB Jodigal

The show is at the top of the TRP list and receiving a loss of love from the audience. The show is mainly based on the dance but we will also be going to enjoy the hilarious sequences by the host and the judges. Wkmarass as the participants will be also seen cracking jokes. They all are talented enough to present unique dance moves and perform on any track. Tonight there will be an act which is bringing a story of Good vs Devil. The moves of the participants are rocking and they set the stage on fire with their electrifying moves.

Later both the participants receive lots of compliments from the judges. The eyes of the judges are widely open. After this, there is an act on the Lord Ganesha song and they are tremendous. Their performance slays the stage. While they are performing audience is creating noise and giving them a huge round of applause. After the performance judges give them a standing ovation. A girl represents a horror act and her moves make the judges amused. They have remained stunned by her act.

One of the female participants performs on the lord Kaali track. She is one the same dress as lord Kaali. Her act is fabulous and she keeps the eyes on her only n entire act. After her performance judges and the audience give her a standing ovation. Later that same participant gets into an argument she says to a female judge “Don’t compare contestants”. After this judge replies to her that “this the competition and comparison is must else how will you get to know that you have to be better than this or that.” Wath the full; episode on Star Vijay Tv.

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